Consistently efficient

Sportiness and efficiency don't have to be contradictory factors: the high level of efficiency minimises fuel consumption, thus ensuring reduced emissions.

Lightweight construction


The Audi A7 Sportback benefits from lightweight construction technology. The A7 Sportback's body parts, where possible, are made from lightweight aluminium including elements of the doors, the bonnet, the tailgate and the wings. But this lightweight construction does not come at the expense of safety. Throughout the A7 Sportback's body, specific zones requiring reinforcement have panels of varying thickness ensuring strength in the event of a collision.
The lightweight construction is also applied to the suspension with diecast aluminium being used at the front suspension-strut mounts. The control arms, pivot bearings and wheel carriers also have aluminium components to reduce weight.

LED technology


The LEDs used in daytime running lights, side turn indicators and rear lights as well as the optional LED headlights are made to last the lifetime of the vehicle.

Start-stop system

The start-stop system reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by switching off the engine when the car is stationary. For instance, when the driver brings the car to a halt at traffic lights, moves the gear lever into neutral and takes their foot off the clutch, the system shuts down the engine.

Driver information system with efficiency programme

The display of the optional driver information system brings together a wide range of individual displays in the centre of the cockpit, continuously showing the vehicle’s current operating status. The integrated on-board computer with efficiency programme included in vehicles with the start-stop system also provides the driver with an overview of consumption data, information about ancillary consumers, an enlarged gear-change indicator and fuel-saving suggestions for ultra-economical driving.