Perfectly entertained

Why take just a few CDs with you, when you can have your entire media collection permanently to hand? The extensive infotainment equipment in the Audi A7 Sportback gives you access to thousands of songs, as well as to video DVDs.

Unique: MMI® touch


Located to the left of the central control panel, it is particularly easy to reach thanks to the new selector lever. MMI touch represents a new, intelligent approach to controlling the navigation system: you simply “write” letters or numbers on the touch-sensitive control panel with your finger.
The ability of MMI touch to recognise handwriting means that MMI navigation plus can be operated intuitively and virtually distraction-free. You simply write the letters and digits of a navigation destination one by one, and reposition navigation maps with short strokes of the finger. The flexible handwriting recognition feature with acoustic confirmation recognises different scripts. In addition, MMI touch in addition has six freely assignable radio station keys.

Bluetooth car phone with Audi connect

Audi A7 has a strong infotainment system, and the Bluetooth online car phone is optional. With this function, you can search a POI through the call center, contact the call center under emergency at any time to get timely roadside service. You can also check the weather forecast of different cities in real time, and get access to the network, news and information of Chinese and English newspapers and periodicals.

Bang & Olufsen sound system offers top enjoyment


The sound system has a total of 15 speakers, including the subwoofer and the main speaker, and has a total power of more than 1,200 watts, offering you a high-fidelity auditory feast. The speaker shields have a polished aluminum appearance, and each speaker is allocated with an independent channel. The surfaced acoustic lens equipment ensures that each seat has a superior sound effect; the 10 channels all have wholly digital power amplifiers; and the bass and mega bass are equipped with wholly digital 5-channel ICE efficient speakers. The system is equipped with 5.1 surround sound. The protective films on the surface of the speakers can effectively provide excellent privacy and can avoid the sound in the car from drifting outside, for example, in case of calling via Bluetooth. The system has the noise compensation function.

7” High-definition Color Display

A 7”high-definition color display is placed within your direct field of vision, displaying all the information you need easily at hand for safer and easier driving – everything you need, at a glance.

Audi Music Interface

Audi A7 Sportback can be connected to the fourth generation or later versions of iPod, iPhone (music), USB, MP3 players. Located in the center console, the players can be operated via MMI® or the multifunctional leather steering wheel but need to be equipped with a special connection cable (the genuine cable is brought together with Audi). The Audi music interface does not need any additional AUX-IN interfaces. And for the information about compatibility with other MP3 players please contact your local FAW – VW Audi dealers.