The technology we hope you’ll never need

Vorsprung durch Technik doesn’t stop at power, performance and efficiency. We push the boundaries of safety, constantly looking for new ways to protect you and your passengers.

Night vision assistant with highlighting of detected pedestrians


The optional night vision assistant with highlighting of detected pedestrians scans the area in front of your vehicle with the aid of a thermal imaging camera and highlights any pedestrians detected at distances of between approx. 15 and 90 metres. If the system determines that there is a risk of a collision between the vehicle and the detected pedestrian, the colour of the highlighting turns red and an audible warning sounds. The night vision assistant can be switched on and off via a button on the rotary light switch. You can configure pedestrian highlighting, the audible warning signal and the contrast of the image in the CAR menu.

adaptive cruise control with stop & go function


At speeds between 0 and 250 km/h on clear roads, the system maintains a preselected speed or a specified distance from the vehicle in front. In slow-moving traffic and congestion it governs braking, acceleration and driving at walking pace. Radar sensors, a video camera and the sensors for the parking aid monitor the area around the Audi A7 Sportback. If they detect an obstruction, the driver is alerted by an acoustic signal and a visual display in the driver information system.

Audi side assist


The optional lane-change assistant Audi side assist including Audi pre sense rear monitors the area to the side behind the vehicle within the system limits – a useful function when changing lane, for example on the motorway.
Displays are integrated into the exterior mirrors. From a speed of 30 km/h, Audi side assist uses two radar sensors with a range of about 70 metres to measure the distance and speed difference of the vehicles detected compared with your own car. Whenever Audi side assist interprets the speed difference and distance as critical in conjunction with a lane change, a display appears in the appropriate exterior mirror (information level). This display is only visible when the exterior mirror is looked at directly. If you set the turn indicator and Audi side assist has detected a vehicle that it identifies as critical, the appropriate display in the exterior mirror flashes brightly several times (warning level). The brightness of the display can be adjusted over three stages in the MMI.

Audi pre sense, anticipatory safety

Audi Pre Sense is a comprehensive technical package for identifying dangers well in advance and intervening appropriately. It categorises driving situations as critical or as an impending collision, with the aim of preparing the vehicle and its occupants as thoroughly as possible. Pre Sense does this by networking the various active and passive safety systems into a single, integrated safety system.

Parking System with front and rear cameras

The Parking System with front and rear cameras is optional for the Audi A7 series. The system can show the image of area behind the vehicle on the MMI display, and provide switching of image of additional visual angles. It can show the calculated path dynamically during parallel parking, including help lines and guidelines and identification of the best turning point. On a traffic lane or parking lot, it can provide the display modes of front, rear and whole, front, left and right as well as rear, left and right, so that the vehicle enters or leaves a narrow parking space safely.