A solid and reliable safety guarantee enables you to move forward under the care of safety

The all new Audi A7 Sportback creates a full range of safe and reliable real-time protection for you, including Audi pre sense and night vision system, allowing you to move forward indomitably under the care of safety.

Audi pre sense system offers an omni-directional solid and reliable safety guarantee

The all new Audi A7 Sportback not only has a lot of innovative technology, but also is equipped with a very special function: Audi pre sense system. Various vehicle systems cooperate with each other to evaluate the vehicle’s driving state and implement interventions when necessary in order to protect the passengers and reduce the risk of collision. The front and rear of the vehicle are equipped with radar sensors to detect the areas before and after the vehicle; and the inner view mirror (the highest place of the cabin) is also installed with a camera to monitor the areas before and after the vehicle and deliver 25 images per second. In addition, the ESP control module also transmits data. With the help of these different sources of information, the Audi pre sense system can have a real-time understanding of the vehicle's surrounding situation.

Night vision system opens a bright road for your night travel


The all new Audi A7 Sportback is equipped with night vision system, which uses the infrared camera to monitor the area 15 to 90 meters in front of the vehicle. Once the system finds any pedestrian, it can immediately locate the pedestrian and use the yellow light to highlight the display. If the system judges that there is a risk that the pedestrian may collide with the vehicle, the color used to display the pedestrian will turn red and the system will alarms. You can turn on or off the night vision system through a button on the headlight switch, and you can set up the pedestrian display mark, alarm signals and image contrast ratio through the vehicle setting menu of the multimedia interactive system.