Comfort evolves again, making enjoyment available with "touch"

With a fingertip move, the enjoyment desired by you can arrive to you. This not only is wonderful experience brought by Audi’s innovative technologies but also embodies Audi’s intention to achieve the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

Luxurious recliners


The rear passenger compartment of the new Audi A8L pushes luxury and comfort to a new extreme. All this stems from its highly comfortable seats and control devices for multiple systems. The rear center armrest in the rear seats has a separate MMI® control unit and is also installed with several control devices for optional equipment. As long as you move your fingertips, you can freely operate several functions including the infotainment system, the luxury four-zone air conditioning, the rear-seat entertainment system and the co-driver seat adjustment. Meanwhile, you can also optionally install seat ventilation and massage functions.

Anion air purifier creates natural and fresh air inside your car


The anion air purifier, which is located in the B-pillar vent of the new Audi A8L, can release anions, making the anion content of the in-car air close to those of parks, forests and other natural environments. This can reduce harmful particles and bacteria in the in-car air, eliminating odors and improving air quality inside the vehicle, thus creating a natural, fresh atmosphere inside your car. Even in the busy downtown traffic, you can also breathe fresh air like staying among mountains and streams.

Luxury four-zone air-conditioning


In winter or summer, the air conditioning system of the new Audi A8L can always keep a comfortable and pleasant interior temperature for you. The luxury two-zone automatic air conditioning has separate airflows, temperature control devices and foot space temperature control devices for the driver and the front seat. They have three optional air conditioning modes: slight, moderate and intense. Sensitive temperature sensors can ensure that the windows are not blurred by condensed water vapor. The luxury four-zone air-conditioning can be individually controlled via the MMI unit on the rear center armrest.

Active engine suspension system

Audi A8L is equipped with an active engine suspension system to further enhance the driving comfort. The system can eliminate vibrations in a wide frequency range. If the engine runs in the four-cylinder mode, the halving ignition pulse can make the body vibrate violently. At this time, the active engine suspension system can instantly produce anti-vibration to counteract the body’s vibration, thus resulting in a more stable and comfortable driving experience and bringing dynamic driving joy to you.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

The new Audi A8L is equipped with ANC. As an extension of Audi sound system, ANC, an innovative system, emits sonic waves with a precisely inverse phase into the passenger space through speakers of the audio system, thus eliminating the noise coming from the engine. Based on the physical principle of noise interference, ANC can reduce the noise level in the passenger space by 75%, creating a more quiet space for you so that you can fully enjoy your exclusive freedom and pleasure.

Electronically controlled exhaust flap

The new Audi A8L is equipped with the electronically controlled exhaust flap, which can meet the needs of two engine operating modes. When the engine operates in the 4-cylinder mode, the exhaust flap is closed, in order to reduce the resulting low-frequency noise. When the engine runs in the 8-cylinder mode, the exhaust flap is almost fully open. This can not only effectively reduce the airflow noise and exhaust backpressure, but also enable the exhaust system to emit a more dynamic sound to comfort your auditory nerve.