Dynamic driving has a limitless sense of sportiness, making you infatuated with it

Start the engine at first. When you start the new Audi A8L, the whole world has lain under your feet. The pleasure to run freely between the heaven and the earth is beyond your imagination. As long as you press down the accelerator, you can start the car and make the car run fast. The dynamic driving full of charm is the best match to the strong momentum inside your heart. In terms of direction, style or speed, the new Audi A8L can satisfy your unlimited desires. From now on, everything will arrive as you wish.

8-speed tiptronic manual/automatic integrated transmission


The 8-speed tiptronic manual/automatic integrated transmission equipped with the new Audi A8L has a dynamic shift program (DSP) and a sport program and can automatically optimize gear shifting time to make the shifting process more quickly and smoothly. While significantly reducing the sense of frustration, it perfectly combines the efficient power transmission and comfortable driving experience together. Compared with the conventional gearbox, the 8-speed tiptronic manual/automatic integrated transmission has unparalleled energy-efficient features. Due to the existence of such a transmission, the new Audi A8L can calmly own both surging power and energy-efficient performance during driving.

Adaptive air suspension


The powerful adaptive air suspension system of the new Audi A8L uses the aluminum wheel control arm. The front suspension uses five rods, and the rear suspension uses the trajectory-controlled fork arm design. The sporty adaptive air suspension guide can lower 10 cm again on the basis of the existing chassis height. The advanced chassis design allows the new Audi A8L to perfectly blend the ultimate comfort of luxury cars and the sporty handling of coupes into one. The electronically controlled air suspensions independently act on the four wheels, respectively, to ensure that even with a heavy load, the handling characteristics of the car are not affected.

Electro-mechanical power steering system


The electro-mechanical power steering system of the new Audi A8L is provided with steering assist completely by the electric power. It can provide the best steering assist in a variety of driving conditions. At high speeds, it can give you a precise steering response, making you easy to have a funny driving experience. When the smart park assist, active lane assist and other driving assistance systems operate, it still provides you with a strong, stable support, letting everything go calmly. Meanwhile, it can also improve driving comfort and effectively reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Dynamic steering system


No matter whether it runs at high speed or moves forward slowly, the new Audi A8L combined with the electronic stability program (ESP) can ensure a stable driving state, because it is equipped with the world's only dynamic steering system which can achieve variable steering ratio at the full speed range. The system exerts the advantages of ESP, enabling the car to achieve fast, effective and stable driving control at any speed. Both intense manipulation and driving comfort also achieve significant improvement because of the system.

quattro® full-time four-wheel drive system


quattro® full-time four-wheel drive system can distribute the driving force onto each individual wheel according to the road condition in order to get more traction and dynamic performance, making all the road conditions under your fingertip control. The center differential can adjust the control at any time based on road conditions, in order to ensure excellent agile handling and superior dynamic driving. With strong traction and excellent driving force, you can make any road condition subservient beneath the wheels of the new Audi A8L.

Audi drive select®

Only with the push of a button, the excellent Audi drive select® can allow you to adjust the driving characteristics of the new Audi A8L according to your needs. No matter whether you want the driving to become sportier, more comfortable, more balanced or more economical or even customized, all depend on your preference. The rich driving experience is vividly rendered at your fingertip.