With intelligent performances, the new Audi A8L is very energy-efficient because it makes the best use of energy

Every great creation is not groundless. It starts from a flash of inspiration and is achieved until all the passion is released. For example, the engine installed in the new Audi A8L was born in the flash of an inspiration: to release more energy with less energy consumption. A series of forward-looking Audi technologies, ranging from the industry’s pioneering technology - Audi Space Frame (ASF) to the ultra lightweight technology, the energy compensation system and Audi's start-stop system, lead the industry. Many goals which seem unable to coexist at all are perfectly blended into one by Audi’s revolutionary drive technologies.

Audi ultra lightweight technology


Lightweight can save more energy. The new Audi A8L uses the Audi ultra lightweight technology to perfectly blend surging power and durableness into one. The Audi lightweight technology, which starts from the lightweight body structure, has now been applied in almost all manufacturing sectors of vehicles in the same way: from the use of innovative materials such as aluminum, carbon and magnesium, to the use of intelligent design concepts and to the integrated economical production processes. It minimizes weight and production processes in order to achieve a more efficient, more economical car-making goal.

Energy recovery system


Braking can also contribute to efficient driving. The energy recovery system installed in the new Audi A8L can automatically turn the kinetic energy of the engine into the electric energy and store the latter in the battery in case of sliding, braking and other conditions. When the vehicle accelerates again, the battery sends the electric energy back to the vehicle, in order to reduce the pressure of the generator. This can save fuel consumption by up to 3%.

Start-stop system


When the automatic start-stop system of Audi A8L is turned on, if your foot press down the brake to stop the vehicle (for example, when waiting for a traffic light to turn green), the system can automatically shut down the engine to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Once your foot looses the brake pedal, the engine can be started instantly, quickly completing a perfect start. The system can be turned off at any time via a button on the center console to suit traffic congestions you may encounter in the city.

Efficient engine technology


The V8 4.0 TFSI® engine installed in the new Audi A8L is equipped with the intelligent cylinder management system and Audi Valvelift System (AVS). When the engine is running at low load or a constant speed, it can automatically shut down four cylinders and only allow the other four cylinders to operate, thereby significantly reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. When you want a strong power, the engine can automatically resume its 8-cylinder operation mode and fully output a powerful driving force, so that you can enjoy the sporty driving of the Audi A8L.