Even a Little Power Surges Forward

Audi A8L’s modular efficiency design contains multiple high-tech systems. It’s under the influence of different innovative wisdom that each Audi car is greatly improved in energy efficiency.

8-speed automatic transmission with Dynamic Shift Program (DSP)


Option of manual control via shift paddles on the multifunction steering wheel; includes additional sports program.

Energy recuperation

Increase the generator voltage converts kinetic energy into usable electrical energy when the vehicle is coasting or breaking. This energy is used to assist the generator during subsequent acceleration, thereby making fuel saving of up to 3%.

Cylinder management

The V8 engine of A8L is equipped with cylinder management. When the engine is at low loads or under constant speed running, the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 8th cylinders can be closed timely. No oil is supplied, and only four cylinders are running, which significantly reduces oil consumption and CO2 emission. It provides two work modes: 4-cylinder mode and 8-cylinder mode.