Entertainment evolves further and complicated functions are controlled with simple ways

The efficient, simple, reasonable and mobile infotainment world has been completely redefined. Everything, such as MMI®, telephone, navigation or access to the Internet via Audi connect, is extremely intuitive, extremely powerful and extremely convenient.

MMI® Multimedia Interface


When you are seated in the new Audi A8L, as long as you move a finger, you can achieve the easy communication between the human being and the car, making your trip full of joys and pleasure. MMI® multimedia interface system equipped with the new Audi A8L enables occupants to easily control the in-car entertainment and navigation functions through a carousel-style menu. The special feature of the optional MMI® navigation lies in that it supports the interface touch. With a MMI® touchpad, as long as you use your finger to "write" letters or numbers on the touch-sensitive area, you can get the related information. By gently sliding your finger, you can even flip the navigation cards.

Audi connect opens the future of the mobile Internet


The world presents endless possibilities for you. When you is seated in the new Audi A8L, by digital means Audi connect can allow you to directly open all sorts of wonders inside the car. Thanks to support services provided by Audi connect, just as you press on a button, a variety of worldwide information can be rendered to you in an intuitive, easy and convenient way. Everything looks like being tailor-made.

Rear-seat entertainment system


The extended entertainment system which can be fully integrated provides rear passengers the best entertainment enjoyment. Two HD 10.2-inch displays with an adjustable tilt angle are located on the backrests of the front seats and are fixed by adjustable brackets. The independent MMI® control unit on the rear center armrest has intuitive and simple operations and can provide more entertainment options to you. The right and left screens can display different programs. Through the in-car Audi sound system, rear passengers can choose programs to enjoy according to their preferences.

Premium sound system


No matter where you are driving, the ultimately perfect and pure BOSE premium sound system can make you like staying in the heaven to listen to the sounds of nature. The in-car precise acoustic design of the new Audi A8L can make you feel satisfied and pleased no matter how captious you are on the sound quality. In addition, you can also optionally install Bang & Olufsen sound system, which uses 19 active speakers to jointly present you a concert-level music enjoyment. The intact speaker package preserves the gorgeous timbre to the maximum extent, as if an extraordinary symphony orchestra travels with you at any time.