Active Safety Changing Everything

The standard four airbags and double curtain airbags for all models, along with latest version of electronic stability program (ESP), provide comprehensive active and passive safety protection.



The aluminum in the Audi Space Frame(ASF) is lightweight, offers greater freedom of design than steel and the components made from it are noted for their high rigidity. For you, the ASF construction means, in specific terms, increased safety, reduced fuel consumption, sporty handling and reliable quality through the use of selected materials.

Night vision assistant with highlighting of detected pedestrians


With integral thermal imaging camera; when driving at night, this system extends the driver’s visibility beyond the light provided by the dipped beam; records thermal images; an image processing alongside then evaluates the camera’s data and marks any persons it has detected in yellow in the driving information system’s color display; the marking changes to red and a warning tone is emitted if the system considers that there is a possible risk.

Adaptive light


Consisting of dynamic cornering light and static cornering light; the dynamic cornering light infers the course of the road from the movement of the steering wheel and variably illuminates the corner or bend by pivoting the xenon headlights. The static turning light automatically switches on if the indicators have between engaged for a while at a low vehicle speed and illuminates the new direction in which the vehicle is travelling. The headlights also have 3 different light distribution modes which are activated depending on the vehicle speed: town light, motorway light and country light.

Audi lane assist

Supports you when travelling at speeds of around 60 km/h or above, when you inadvertently drift out of your lane, for example, through inattentiveness. Lane marking are indentified by a camera located behind the windscreen. When the lane markings are crossed, the steering wheel vibrates to give the driver a warning. If the indicator has been activated, there is no warning. Identification of lane marking by the sensors is dependent on the weather, lighting and quality of the marking. Audi lane assist can, therefore, only provides assistance to the driver – who is naturally required to remain attentive while driving.

The infinitely variable damping

Adjusts itself automatically to every driving situation in fractions of a second. Even with asymmetrically distributed roads, the vehicle remains in a level position thanks to continuous ride-height regulation. Drivers can determine how dynamically they want to travel and what character their Audi should adopt. Different modes are available to the driver and can be selected using the Audi drive select system.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop&Go function

Audi A8L comes standard with the Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop&Go function. The two radar sensors, one camera and one ultrasonic sensor on the front help AudiA8L keep a fixed distance from the vehicle in front. It keeps the same speed as the vehicle in front within 0-250km, and follows the vehicle in front until it stops. After the vehicle in front restarts, it continues to resume following. When the speed is less than 30km/h, the full braking force deceleration function is activated. The system always evaluates the signals of steering angles and the acceleration sensor to identify various complex conditions. It can make wise judgment like an experienced driver during lane-changing, overtaking or turning, which enables smoother driving.