No matter how the road condition changes, the only unchanged is the peace in your inner mind

Each road has its own unique scenery. But in the view of Audi, no matter where you go, there will be something unchanged: a sense of safety given to you from beginning to end. A series of driving assistance systems installed in the new Audi A8L can not only fully ensure the driving safety in the whole journey but also ​allow you to be immersed in the comfortable and secure driving enjoyment by protecting you at any time. You can fully feel the calmness, joy and self-satisfaction brought by the driving assistance systems of the new Audi A8L.

Night vision assist


The all-new far-infrared night vision assist system can recognize pedestrians and animals. Thanks to the integrated thermal imaging probe, the system can detect pedestrians and animals within a distance between 15-130 m and can not be interfered with any source of light. When the system detects a danger, it can alert the driver with highlighted displays and warning voices as well as headlight warnings. In addition, when you drive at night, you can get a broader vision thanks to the system to ensure the safety of your driving at night to the maximum extent.

Heads Up Display (HUD)


The HUD of the new Audi A8L can project relevant traffic information into the field of view right ahead the driver's seat, ensuring that without diverting attention, you can get the driver assistance system info, the navigation system info, driving speed, warnings and other vehicle driving information.

Matrix LED headlamps


When the new Audi A8L is equipped with matrix LED headlamps, the night also becomes the day. The light of such headlamps approximates the daylight and can reduce fatigue caused by the wet road to the eyes at night and rainy days. The headlamps can also dim the local area light according to the surrounding environment to avoid causing glare to the driver of the vehicle running in the opposite direction to the maximum extent. The pre-rotated technology shines value with a clear way. Besides at night, the Audi matrix LED headlights are also quite eye-catching in the daytime. Individually controlled LED lights are sometimes turned into points of light but sometimes transformed into a dynamic light belt.

Audi active lane assist


The lane assist system of the new Audi A8L offers two mode options, from which you can pick up one according to your preferences. When the car runs more than 65 km/h, the system can real-time monitor the road ahead and issue warnings and alerts in case of any danger and it can provide ongoing steering assist to guide the car to the center of the lane. When the driver lets the vehicle deviate from the lane due to distraction, negligence, fatigue and other reasons, the system can intervene in driving through a small turn and automatically complete steering adjustments without the driver’s awareness. Once the vehicle crosses the road marking line, the steering wheel can vibrate to remind the driver of the crossing.

Smart park assist system with the panoramic image


The panoramic image-loaded smart park assist system installed in the new Audi A8L can provide a better view for parking through cameras installed at different angles throughout the entire vehicle. Meanwhile, with its ultrasonic sensors, the system can automatically search for a suitable parking space along the road. After a proper parking space is found successfully, the smart park assist system can calculate out an ideal entry path based on the horizontal and vertical conditions of the parking space and issue warnings about barriers on the side of the path. By automatic steering control, you can calmly and easily find a parking space and drive your car into the parking space in the crowding downtown.

ACC® adaptive cruise control


The new Audi A8L is equipped with the ACC Stop & Go system. When the speed is less than 250 km/h, the system can coordinate your car to maintain a fixed distance from the vehicle in front and to follow the vehicle in front to stop. After the vehicle in front starts to run again, the system can enable your car to continue the above follow. When the speed is less than 30 km/h, the system can activate the full-braking-force deceleration function. When your car runs under complicated road conditions, the system can assess the steering angle and acceleration sensor. No matter whether your car changes the lane, surpasses the front car or turns, the system can make proper judgments like a very experienced professional driver, making your car run more smoothly and harmoniously.

Audi preventive overall safety system


When you enjoy the scenery along the road, the preventive overall safety system of the new Audi A8L is detecting possible dangers for you and provides support to you in multiple stages. At first, it issues warning signals. Then, it gives a warning to slow down your car briefly. At this point, the system can press down the brake and precisely brake your car according to the situation of the front car. In the third stage, the system can forcefully brake your car. Meanwhile, it can close the windows and the sunroof, activate the danger warning light and tighten the belts. This series of comprehensive prognosis and timely intervention technologies represent the industry's highest safety standards and are applicable to industry leaders like you.