Exterior Design

Style evolves further, making calmness and passion no longer run counter to each other

We never design just for the design of vehicles. In the view of Audi, the original purpose of designing the new Audi A8L is to integrate gorgeousness, exquisiteness, timelessness and sophisticated technology into a car belonging to the future. If your heart is full of vigor and passion, the younger kingly style of the new Audi A8L can complement each other with your passionate style.

Progressive exterior design


Look younger? Yes! The front face, side and rear of the new A8L have been redesigned. Concise but very powerful lines sketch out a strong sporty smell of the new A8L. The unique noble quality and ultimate elegance of the flagship car do not reduce by a tiny bit at all. Four layers of excellent paint spraying make the body shining in the light and becoming the best footnote for your brilliant life.

A front face with a stronger impact force


As a symbol of the Audi family, the wide, large, bright monolithic air-inlet grille of the new Audi A8L has a more sharpened, brighter apex design. The improved chrome plated air-inlet grille creates a hair-trigger momentum with a more smooth and sporty design language. Combined with Audi’s unique matrix LED headlamps, the grille can emit eye-catching light both in the day and at night, always declaring an extraordinary arrival.

Capable and slender side shape


Like a bull under Picasso’s pen, the side lines of the new Audi A8L look precise and capable. Drawn from the front face, the shoulder lines, which run through the entire side of the body, create a slender and elegant body for the flagship car. Chrome-plated trims, which are just to the point, extend till the rear spoiler. Combined with a delicate round eyebrow shape, they perfectly demonstrate the clever fusion of sportiness and sophistication.

Harmonious tail shape


The back shadow of the new Audi A8L classically fuses a refined sporty smell. Chrome-plated trims run through between the taillights, redrawing the taillight shape with a young posture. The protruding horizontal spoiler area makes the tail look even broader. The application of chrome-plated trims enhances the solid feeling of the car. The height of the taillights reduces slightly, making the tail shape slightly flattened. The chrome-plated trims on the spoiler area directly cut into the side and are combined with the slender body into one.