Exterior Design

Aesthetic and elegant

Dynamic flowing lines define the impressive vehicle. Generously proportioned surface and a distinctive shoulder line make the side view both masculine and sporty. Below, the lively interplay of light and shade fashions the side of the new Audi A8L.

LED Headlights


Featuring LED dipped beam, main beam, daytime running lights, indicators, static turning light, all-weather light and motorway light function with LED technology; includes main beam assist for automatic switching between main and dipped beams, an all-weather light function to reduce the risk of the driver being dazzled when visibility is poor (in fog, rain or snow) and an additional motorway light which automatically increases headlight range from a speed of approximately 110km/h; LED technology allows near daylight illumination of the road; minimal energy requirements, long service life, and excellent recognition by other road users, thanks to the crisp Audi lighting pattern with day and night design configurations.

Extremely Exquisite Body Lines


The high-profile three dimensional car body shows its subtle sporty character and enlightens all your organs for pure enjoyment. Its inspirational lines flow along the shoulder, combine with body lines and perfectly disappear at the spoiler. The monocoque construction makes the body width look more comfortable.