Interior Design

Opulent space

Materials that convey high standards and quality. You will feel immediately at home inside the new Audi A8L.This is assured by the finest leather and high quality woods.

Two-piece panoramic sunroof


Electrical activation to raise and open the front glass section as well as to raise the rear glass section, opens and closes automatically, tinted glass insert; including two electrically operated sun blinds for the glass parts, comfort closing from outside via the central locking system or the radio-operated remote control; ensures a comfortable interior that is flooded with light, good acoustics and low wind noise when the sunroof is extended or fully opened; improved interior clima by means of efficient ventilation whilst at the same time reducing draughts; includes make up mirrors and additional reading lights in the rear; when the light outside is particularly bright, the surrounding roof darkens.

Ambient Lighting System


Your mood will be lit up immediately after you open the door, which benefits from Audi A8L’s new ambient lighting system. The ambient lights distributed across different locations make its originally spacious interior become much brighter. The central area is much clearer than ever and easy to operate, creating a kind of open feeling visually. Particularly, the center console looks like a floating object in the light. And you may also customize the light color according to your preference. Three light sources with different atmosphere will build your unique boundless world.