Interior Design

Comfort evolves further, making those accustomed to luxury moved by it once again

Even people who are accustomed to luxury have never thought that there is such driving experience which can easily activate their senses. The new Audi A8L is configured with a premium sound system, customizable elegant interiors, an unimaginable comfortable space and ultimately safe driving assistance systems. The luxury feeling created by the new Audi A8L is not endless modification or addition but perfect quality accumulated by nitpicking, crafting and keeping improving.

High-quality interior materials


Not all materials can be used in the new Audi A8L. Only the high-quality wood selected directly from the trunk and roots is likely to be used in the car. Every car only uses wood from the same tree and the wooden materials are polished by the most advanced machinery and the cleverest hands together. Only precious leather which has passed 45 items of endurance assessment tests by the Audi Lab is eligible to be used in the luxury configuration of the new Audi A8L.

Four-spoke real leather-covered multifunctional steering wheel with shift picks


No matter how cozy the rear room is, it can not make you forget the fun and passion belonging only to driving. Therefore, the new Audi A8L gives you a four-spoke real leather-covered multifunctional steering wheel equipped with shift picks. It uses safer shift picks in driving. Just a slight finger click can completely release the tremendous power potential of the new A8L, just as unrestrained and passionate as a great man telling the world what needs to be done.

Luxurious and comfortable recliners


The rear passenger space of the new Audi A8L can allow you to forget yourself being in a car, because of its highly comfortable seats and rich control systems. The center rear armrest in the rear seats has a separate MMI control unit, which enables you to freely adjust the infotainment system, the luxury four-zone air-conditioning and the optional seat ventilation function. And the right rear seat pushes luxury and comfort to a new extreme: Thanks to "Boss Mode", as long as you simply press down the button on the front seat and the pedal button, you can get exclusive ultimate joys including electric pedal and massage chair. The extravagant legroom makes you even more difficult to distinguish whether the place is the rear passenger space of a car or the first class cabin of a plane.

Electric panoramic glass sunroof


Incomparable scenery requires a superior viewing posture. The unique panoramic sunroof of the new Audi A8L enables you to take in all the scenery at a glance no matter whether you are in front seats or in rear seats in the car. It adds transcendent views and noble bearing to the new Audi A8L.

Interior ambience lights

At the moment the door is opened, the taste is also lit up. Thanks to the interior ambient lighting system of the new Audi A8L, ambient lights at different locations give a chic atmosphere for the spacious driver cabin. Under the action of light, the center console shows a floating-like three-dimensional effect. The light color can also be selected according to your preferences. Three different types of ambient lights create an occupant world with a unique personal charm for you.