Audi A8L hybrid


With trendsetting full-hybrid technology, diversified innovative technologies and luxurious features, Audi A8L hybrid once again creates a brand-new standard for the same class of luxury. As an all new trendsetting, smart high-tech car, it will bring you an unparalleled enjoyment of sporty driving.

Trendsetting full-hybrid technology


As a full-hybrid vehicle, Audi A6 hybrid is equipped with a 2.0 TFSI® engine which has won multiple awards. This 4-cylinder engine performs as well as the six-cylinder engine. Its flexible and intelligent cooperation with the motor achieves higher efficiency but lower fuel consumption. The use of the latest electronic technology makes the car body lighter, so as to achieve low emissions, low fuel consumption and excellent performance, making the combined consumption of the car to be as low as only 6.3 liters per 100 km. Pure electric driving, energy recovery, full acceleration and coasting as well as other innovative technologies and concepts are all applied into Audi A6 hybrid, making the hybrid driving of the car become a perfect experience.

8-speed tiptronic hybrid transmission


Audi A8L hybrid is equipped with an 8-speed tiptronic hybrid transmission, which can automatically determine the optimal timing of switching gears, making the shifting process done more quickly and smoothly. Compared with the traditional gearbox, the 8-speed tiptronic hybrid transmission has unparalleled high efficiency, energy saving capacity and environmentally friendly features. Meanwhile, it can significantly reduce the commonly-seen impact of shifting gears existing in common automatic transmissions, perfectly integrating the efficient power transfer and the comfortable driving experience, and making everything done easily and smoothly.

Full hybrid battery system


Audi A8L hybrid is the first hybrid model among the same class of sedans to use lithium-ion batteries and can rely on the pure electric power to drive at a speed up to 100 km/h. Equipped with lithium-ion batteries, the car has a higher energy capacity, higher output but lower requirements for weight and space. Li-ion batteries have a long life span. When the vehicle is stationary for a long time, the Li-ion batteries have a very slow self-discharge level to maintain the required power.

ASF® Audi Space Frame


Thanks to the revolutionary new manufacturing process, ASF® (Audi Space Frame) further develops. The use of a high-strength aluminum alloy frame increases the overall stiffness and the local rigidity of the car body, greatly reducing the body’s weight. The improvement of the body rigidity makes the Audi A8L hybrid not only have excellent dynamic handling performance, quietness and ultimate comfort but also have the best safety performance among the same class of cars. ASF® enables the body to be lightweight, perfectly ensuring the vehicle's dynamic performance and lower fuel consumption.

Energy recovery system


Compared with the traditional drive system, the energy recovery system with which Audi A8L hybrid is equipped can greatly reduce fuel consumption. When the vehicle is in the brake, the motor works as a generator and the generated energy is stored in high-voltage batteries to be used efficiently in the next cycle of acceleration. In the pure electric driving mode, the maximal speed of the car can reach 100 km/h.

Innovative energy flow

The hybrid energy flow of Audi A8L hybrid can be displayed in the driver information system (DIS) and MMI® multimedia interactive system. The energy flow display uses simple, intuitive and high-quality graphics to explain the function of hybrid drive, and the driver can accurately know the function and status of hybrid components through the change of the graphics and color. Innovative technology enables you to know very well about your car and enjoy the fun of driving.

The outer shape of A8L hybrid is full of a sculptural feel, making the car’s whole contour look very smooth; its beautiful, elegant interior is decorated with luxurious, exquisite materials; and the elaborate craft of its details highlights Audi’s unique quality feel.

Beautiful outer design


Audi A8L hybrid demonstrates Audi’s trendsetting design strength. Its body is shaped with simple but dynamic lines and curves, looking like an artwork and having an overall sense of great verve. All these make Audi A8L hybrid show a unique solid and majestic quality among the same class of cars. Audi A8L hybrid uses arctic silver as the dedicated color of its body, calmly showing off a kingly edge. Its doors, fenders and hood are all decorated with the “hybrid” logo, a typical identity of hybrid models. 19-inch 10-spoke cast aluminum wheels are designed specifically for hybrid cars, and 20-inch wheels are also optional, showing an extraordinary side of the car.

LED lights


Audi A8L hybrid uses LED headlights with lower beam lighting, illuminating your journey in the dark. This pair of LED headlights make the Audi A8L hybrid emit soft but striking light in the darkness, thereby increasing the safety of driving at night.

Luxurious interior design and exquisite craftsmanship


Luxury requires thoughtful inside and outside designs , an elaborate pickup for materials and the ceaseless improvement of craft – the interior space of the Audi A8L hybrid shown in front of you perfectly fuses artistic design and distinguished experience into one: fine surface finish, rich interior kit, the MMI® multimedia interactive system displaying energy flow and fuel consumption as well as the unique “hybrid” logo decorated on the power meter, sill trims and other details. Luxury is not an endless process of modification and addition but an ultimate, elegant style shaped with a unique taste.

The real luxury comes from the ultimate sensory experience created by high technology for you: visual, auditory and tactile. High technology makes you enjoy unprecedented pleasure at every detail. Audi uses high technology to simplify the drive, bringing an unparalleled gorgeous atmosphere and comfort to your journey.

Bang & Olufsen


Whether you stay in bustling cities or in the country, the Bang & Olufsen advanced sound system can always provide you a concert-class music enjoyment. The top music effect jointly achieved by many active speakers has even more delicate performance in Audi A8L hybrid’s cabin which has a sophisticated acoustic design, and the intact encapsulation of speakers in the cabin preserves their gorgeous tones to the maximum, as if an extraordinary symphony orchestra goes with you throughout the whole journey.

Three-zone automatic air conditioning


Despite searing summer and chilly winter outside the window, Audi A8L hybrid’s three-zone automatic air conditioning system can always keep a comfortable and pleasant interior temperature for you. The driver and front seats have separate airflows and temperature control devices and footwell temperature control, and the rear space shares a temperature zone. Three optional air conditioning modes (soft / moderate / strong) are available and can be freely chosen according to the preference of occupants. Sensitive humidity sensors can always ensure the window away from the trouble caused by condensed vapor, making your driving and journey safer and more comfortable.

Luxurious and comfortable space


The slender body of Audi A8L hybrid fully displays a noble grace. Its wheelbase is 3,122 mm long, which means that you can enjoy a larger, more comfortable rear space. Meanwhile, Audi A8L hybrid also expands its entertainment system to its rear seats. Two high-definition displays whose tilt angles can be adjusted are placed on the backrests of the front seats and operated through an independent MMI® control unit installed in the rear central armrest, looking intuitive and simple, providing you with an all-round audio and video entertainment experience, and adding more coziness and comfort to your journey.