ComfortQuiet and pleasant—Comfortable space of Audi S8

The black and silver interior creates a pleasant atmosphere. The refined leather accessories and the carbon fiber inlays bring comfortable visual enjoyment. With the quiet space and specific seats, tension and fatigue disappear immediately, making you relaxed and free.

Comfort sport seats in lunar silver S design


The Audi S8-specific comfort sports seats in lunar silver Valcona leather adopt diamond-patterned stitching. Seams, piping and accordion pleats have been designed in the contrasting colour steel grey. The seats can be adjusted electrically in multiple directions. The seat heatingSeat heatingAlways the right temperature: optional seat heating makes for a pleasant seat climate.Seat heating , ventilation and massage functions are optional.

Active noise cancellation (ANC) for removing engine revolution noise

With the innovative ANC, you can hear pleasing engine sound in the car. It can remove the noise from engine revolution. Four microphones installed in the roof lining register background engine noise, and the engine revolution speed is obtained through the controller. The sound system will emit an anti-noise signal whose frequency overlaps the noise, so as to interfere and eliminate the noise. By using the physics of noise interference, ANC can reduce the interfering noise by 12 db or 75%.

Advanced Parking System with rearcamera

The Parking System with rear camera is optional for Audi S8. The system is activated by putting into the reverse gear or pressing the Park Assist button. Before entering a crossroad, the front and rear cameras can show image within visual angle of 90 degrees. The sound signal and image aid are also provided, so the parking is easier and safer.