ControlSmooth and flexible—Extraordinary control of Audi S8.

With a low roar, Audi S8 sometimes becomes aggressive and pushes forward, and sometimes runs smoothly on the roads. The swift turning and flexible running are accompanied by the pleasure of free control, making you enjoy the passionate journey time and time again.

8-speed Tiptronic automatic/manual transmission


The 8-speed TiptronictiptronicGearshifts with the minimum interruption in power flow – the six-speed tiptronic transmission unites automatic shifting comfort and outstanding driveability.tiptronic automatic/manual transmission has the Dynamic Shift Program (DSP) and sports program, which makes the gear-shifting fast and smooth. It not only increases the driving dynamics, but also keeps high-level comfort and low noise.

Adaptive air suspension sport with S-specific tuning, the combination of sports and comfort

Under each driving condition, the adaptive air suspensionadaptive air suspensionAudi adaptive air suspension successfully unites the apparently conflicting qualities of comfort and dynamic handling.adaptive air suspension can reach ideal cushioning effect through automatic optimization and fine adjustment of the suspension. The infinitely variable electronic damper system and the air springs can automatically regulate the suspension to meet the actual road conditions. The advantage is obvious: the vehicle has excellent sportiness and comfort under every driving condition.
The vehicle can realize the above features due to perfect combination of the fully load-bearing air springs on the front and rear axles and the infinitely variable electronic damper system. With the perpetual self-regulation function, the body can keep a right posture in case of uneven distribution of loads.

You can choose the four basic settings through MMIMMIReduced, simple, logical: the Multi Media Interface (MMI) elegantly combines the operation of all infotainment components in one display and operating system.MMI to ensure its key features: Auto, Dynamic, Comfort and Lift. The damper of the axle bracket can also improve drive comfort through optimization. The direct benefit is long-time drive comfort without compromising the outstanding power feature.

Dynamic steering


At high speeds, the Audi dynamic steeringDynamic steeringAudi dynamic steering alters the steering ratio depending on the vehicle speed and simultaneously adjusts the steering torque to match the ratio.Dynamic steering system adopts indirect steering transmission, so that the vehicle is steadier, and keeps a better linear running stability. On the contrary, if the vehicle runs on roads with curves at medium and low speeds, the system uses a more direct steering ratio to improve the steering accuracy and agility. During parking, the steering system adopts a direct steering ratio, which makes parking easy. The dynamic steering function is only used with Audi drive selectAudi drive selectMastery of driving dynamics: Audi drive select integrates the technical components that determine the quality of the driving experience.Audi drive select .

quattro® permanent four-wheel drive with sports differential


Audi S8 is equipped with the quattro®quattro®Vorsprung durch Technik: quattro® technology stands for permanent power to all four wheels distributed between the front and rear axles.quattro® permanent four-wheel drive. If the wheels on one axle of the vehicle lose grip on the road and threaten the vehicle to spin, then the power is transferred to the other axle – selectively distributed through the self-locking centre differential. The benefit is better traction during acceleration and improved safety due to exceptional grip. Combining torque vector, the self-locking centre differential can distribute more propulsion power to the front and rear wheels respectively. It ensures flexibility and brings dynamic, precise and controllable driving experience while providing the maximum traction.

Disregarding the technological aspect of the car, what really makes quattro® unique is the driving experience. “Even driving at high speed, the car seems to be glued to the road,” some customers say. We put it like this: quattro® gives you the feeling for the road and thus more safety.

Audi drive select, free switching of drive styles


Audi S8 is equipped with the Audi drive select. It can get the most suitable drive style throgh self-regulation under differnet road conditins and needs. Four modes are preset: Comfort, Auto, Dynamic, Efficiency. The Comfort mode provides comfortable and relaxed driving feel for long journeys and bad roads. The Auto mode provides good balance with both comfort and agility. The Dynamic mode provides a more dynamic driving experience. The Efficiency mode provides an efficient and econmic drive mode. The Individual mode is also avaialbe. The driver can adjust the driving personallity according to his will to satisfy the needs of driving.