InfotainmentBest entertainment.

Why take just a few CDs when you can have your whole media collection? The versatile infotainment equipment in the Audi S8 gives you access to thousands of songs, audiobooks and podcasts as well as video DVDs and the current TV programme.

MMI® navigation plus with MMI® touch

The map data for navigation with 3D map view and a 3-dimensional display of striking buildings and places of interest are stored on a hard disk – for fast access and fast calculation of the route. This hard disk offers 20 gigabyte for your WMA and MP3 music collection.

It also includes a convenient voice control system with whole-word entry for using the navigation system and address book (if there is one), together with Bluetooth car phone or mobile phone fitting (Bluetooth). Learning is not necessary, nor do words have to be entered letter by letter: the system recognises commands and numerical sequences, regardless of the speaker.

Another feature of MMIMMIReduced, simple, logical: the Multi Media Interface (MMI) elegantly combines the operation of all infotainment components in one display and operating system.MMI ® navigation plus with MMI® touch is the Audi music interfaceAudi music interfaceThousands of songs available at your fingertips: the Audi music interface integrates portable media players into the Audi MMI.Audi music interface for connection of e.g. Apple iPod and Apple iPhone together with USB storage media and MP3 players. The Audi music interface is housed in the centre console; it is operated via the MMI® or the leather-covered multifunction steering wheel. Bluetooth-compatible mobile phones can be connected to the vehicle via the Bluetooth interface. Hands-free calls are thus possible in the vehicle via the microphone.

One outstanding feature consists of the Audi connect services that can be used among others for the point-of-interest search (POI) to make it easy to find hotels or restaurants, or to access the weather forecast for the destination under travel information/weather. The Audi Online services are only available in combination with the Bluetooth car phone.

MMI navigation plusMMI navigation plusThe latest-generation navigation system: MMI Navigation plus delivers outstanding comfort and convenience – and not only on long journeys.MMI navigation plus can be equipped together with MMI touch, the touch-sensitive control panel for entering numbers, letters and gesture-driven commands.

Audi connect

Audi connect provides infotainment and entertainment functions and takes comfort and the fun of driving to a whole new level. By means of a UTMS module integrated into Bluetooth car phone online and the customer's own SIM card in the vehicle, online information are transmitted directly and integrated into the vehicle. Optional Audi MMI® navigation plus permits the use of these Audi connect services. Thanks to a Wi-Fi hotspot, the Internet can be accessed via a mobile terminal device during the journey in the rear or when stationary.

TV reception

Receive analogue and digitally broadcast (DVB-T) television stations with videotext or electronic programme guide (EPG) in your S8, or connect up to two external AV sources. (For safety reasons, only audio output is available whilst the car is being driven.) Digital radio receptionDigital Audio BroadcastDAB digital radio reception offers a listening experience of close to CD quality.Digital Audio Broadcast also permits reception of digital stations in CD quality in addition to analogue radio stations. Both features can also be ordered separately.

Audi music interface

The Audi music interface contained in MMI® Navigation plus integrates portable media players such as the Apple iPod and USB storage media in the MMI®. It is so convenient to navigate through the whole music collection on the storage media with the MMI control panel and the leather-covered multifunction steering wheel, using selection criteria such as artist, album, title or genre. The Audio music interface needs a special adapter cable available from your Audio partner.

Bank & Olufsen Advanced Sound System

Innovative design, advanced technology and the best possible quality in material and workmanship – values that apply to both Audi and Bang & Olufsen. The Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound SystemBang & Olufsen Advanced Sound SystemFor the ears and the eyes: perfectly integrated into the sporty and luxurious interior, the sound system developed for the Audi A8 and Audi Q7 offers a special look all of its own.Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System for the Audi S8 once again sets new standards. This sound system offers crystal-clear Surround Sound from 19 loudspeakers, each of which has its own amplifier.

Rear Seat Entertainment


Best entertainment and communication in the rear passenger compartment of the Audi S8: two high-resolution adjustable-angle 10.2-inch monitors provide a good picture, paired with the proven MMI control logic for intuitive, simple operation. The Audi music interface with facility for connecting to an iPod, hard disks and USB storage media.