SafetyOutstanding safety technology

Audi S8 has top safety technology. Besides the leading Audi Space FrameAudi Space FrameThe Audi Space Frame is a high-strength aluminium frame structure into which all panels are integrated so that they also perform a load-bearing function.Audi Space Frame (ASF®), there are also ceramic discs, the all-new Adaptive Cruise Controladaptive cruise controlRelaxed and comfortable on long journeys: adaptive cruise control can even be used on busy roads and in dense lines of traffic.adaptive cruise control (ACC) with the engine start-stop system, and the S-specific grey instrument cluster with white needles.

Ceramic discs, outstanding brake performance


Ceramic discs are optional for Audi S8. The ceramic discs can meet the need of higher loads, and the Audi ceramic emblem is available on the brake caliper. In this brake system, the discs of the front axle are made of carbon fiber reinforced ceramics. The material is based on solid and wearable silicon carbide which is embedded with high strength carbon fiber. This combination can realize extremely high abrasion resistance, extend the mileage, and reduce the sensitivity to high heat loads. In addition, a ceramic disc is lighter than a steel disc.

ASF®, the milestone of luxury cars

Audi Space Frame (ASF®) adopts light aluminum alloy. Being lightweight, it also saves oil and reduces emission. The design also greatly improves the safety performance of the entire vehicle. The torsion resisting stiffness is greatly improved, and the energy-absorbing path can be changed after collision. The stiffness distribution of the body front is variable in order to better resist head-on collision. When a collision occurs, energy is dissipated to an area far from the cockpit as much as possible, so it better ensures the completeness of the cockpit and protects the passengers’ safety maximally.