Joy and fun exist everywhere

When you sit in an all new Audi Q3 car, even with a casual glance you can find extremely agreeable details: high-quality fabric or luxurious leather seats make the ride more comfortable; advanced automatic air conditioning creates an unparalleled pleasant atmosphere; the comfort key integrates access and driving authorization systems and is easily portable and convenient to operate; in the trip, you can also enjoy comfort - when the rear seats are folded, the trunk can carry more for you to meet all the necessities of life in the trip.

Comfortable seats can be adjusted as you wish


The all new Audi Q3 not only pursues external beauty but also more pursues a more comfortable and elegant inner space. High quality fabric or luxurious leather seats highlight quality. Either front or rear seats make you feel a type of home-like comfort. The height of front seats, the positions of the front and rear seats and the height of their backrests and cushions can be electrically adjusted.

Comfort key brings you a lot of convenience


The smart car key of the all new Audi Q3 integrates the access and driving authorization system. As long as you carry the car key along with you, you can directly start or turn off the engine through the start / stop button, easily opening a happy journey with the all new Audi Q3.

Advanced automatic air conditioning creates a comfortable atmosphere


The automatic air conditioning of the all new Audi Q3 car can automatically adjust the temperature according to the intensity of the sunlight and also can pre-set the temperature of the driver's side and front passenger’s side, creating a comfortable interior atmosphere for the occupants. The system can electronically control temperature, air flow and air volume distribution based on the automatic cycle mode of the air quality monitoring module. The air discharge outlets arranged in the rear of the front and center armrests enable passengers at the rear seats to share the pleasant temperature, too.

Heatable seats offer you more warm feeling

The front seats of the all new Audi Q3 have the heating function and can heat the seat cushions and backrests. It also can heat side bolsters of sport seats and leather seats. The temperature of the driver's seat and the front passenger’s seat can also be individually adjusted, making warm care everywhere.