Enable you to easily go wherever you want to go

No mater where you want to go, whether driving on slippery city roads after rain or running through intricate, quiet side streets, all new Audi Q3 enables you to get there easily and comfortably. The new-generation quattro® all-wheel drive system can easily deal with various road conditions; the 7-speed S tronic® dual-clutch transmission allows you to easily shift gears to drive forward smoothly, because the system is already ready for the next gear while running in the current gear. The Audi lane assist system enables you to stop arbitrarily even if you are on steep slopes. The superior handling performance interprets the true meaning of the urban smart driving.

quattro® all-wheel drive system is the industry's leading four-wheel drive system


quattro® is Audi's original full-time four-wheel drive system. In the driving process, once the wheels of a drive shaft lose grip or slip, the power will be transmitted to another drive shaft through the center differential. quattro® permanent all-wheel drive system can provide greater traction to the all new Audi Q3 when the car is accelerating and at the same time it can improve the car’s capacity and safety through its excellent grip.

7-speed S tronic® dual-clutch transmission provides both high speed and low power consumption


The all new Audi Q3 is equipped with a 7-speed S tronic® dual-clutch transmission to ensure the speediness of shifting gears so that you almost don’t have any perceptible sense of frustration in shifting gears. This process does not have any power loss but has excellent energy efficiency. The shifting process requires only a few milliseconds. No matter whether automatic shift or manual shift through shift paddles can make you feel precise and smooth. In addition to providing strong power, with its efficient performance S tronic® can significantly reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Audi drive select® change the driving experience for you at any time


Everyone has a different understanding of the driving dynamics. We define it: drive as you wish! You can change your driving experience with only one button.
Audi drive select® can change relevant functional characteristics of a car and thus change the driving characteristics of the car. The all new Audi Q3 offers four driving mode options: sport, comfortable, automatic and efficient. The sport mode is mainly designed for sporty driving and has a high shift speed; the comfortable mode has a relatively low shift speed but can provide for long-distance driving a comfortable driving experience as much as possible. On the basis of the comfortable mode, the automatic mode is more comfortable and easily manipulative. With a more energy-efficient engine and accessories, the efficient mode can improve the car's overall fuel efficiency and effectively reduce the car’s carbon dioxide emissions. Through one button in the MMI® multimedia interactive system, the driver can freely choose a driving mode. Pressing the button only can change the functional characteristics related to the driving experience, thus changing the driving characteristics of the car. With Audi drive select®, you can enjoy different driving funs and drive as you wish!