EfficiencyInnovative energy efficiency technology offers a perfect combination of low power consumption and high efficiency.

The all new Audi Q3 adheres to Audi’s " Vorsprung durch Technik " brand philosophy and makes use of leading-edge technologies to achieve the perfect combination of low power consumption and high efficiency. Over the years, Audi has applied this philosophy to every step of its car making process and even made the repeated demonstration on how to make better use of every drop of fuel. Through innovative technology and practice, Audi has set a benchmark for the energy efficiency technology of the automotive industry.

Engine start-stop system does not waste any energy when the car stops for a while


The all new Audi Q3 is equipped with the advanced engine start-stop system. The system can automatically turn off the engine while the car is in a pause, such as waiting for a red light, so it can reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. When the driver releases the brake pedal, the system can quietly and quickly start the engine. When the driver drives a car, he or she doesn’t need to fear excessive fuel consumption. The engine start-stop system can easily and effectively reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in order to achieve better fuel utilization and environmental protection

Brake energy recovery system can protect the environment and save energy


When the car decelerates or brakes, the braking energy recovery system installed in the all new Audi Q3 can raise the generator voltage and convert kinetic energy into electrical energy. In the vehicle’s subsequent acceleration process, this part of electrical energy will assist the generator to supply power, saving fuel consumption by up to 3%. The combination of the brake energy recovery system and the engine start-stop system makes the all new Audi Q3 achieve excellent and efficient performance.