Make technology focus on driving to let you focus on enjoying

The all new Audi Q3 can be optionally equipped with the MMI® multimedia interactive system with the 3D navigation function. This system has a 20G storage capacity and can freely play a variety of different formats of music. A 7-inch color high-definition display screen is placed at the center of the center console, making the image more clear and legible. The system provides Bluetooth interface and the Audi music interface, which can be directly linked to your iPod, MP3 and other USB storage devices. The optional BOSE surround sound with LED atmospheric lights enables you to have unprecedented audiovisual enjoyment. Now, you may find that the most enjoyable moment is to drive your car on the road.

The third generation of MMI® makes the journey full of fun


The MMI® multimedia interactive system which the all new Audi Q3 is equipped with achieves 3D navigation and multimedia entertainment features through a folding 7-inch high-definition display screen. The leading 3D navigation function supports voice control, split screen display, dynamic route guidance, dynamic traffic information reading and auxiliary arrow information display. In addition, the powerful audio and entertainment features of the MMI® multimedia interactive system support a variety of music formats and video. Its convenient operation layout facilitates the driver to use it, and a wealth of entertainment and enjoyment make your journey far away from boring.

BOSE surround sound lets melodies always accompany you


BOSE surround sound system configured on the all new Audi Q3 provides occupants an unparalleled listening enjoyment. 14 high-power speakers, including subwoofers and a center speaker, perfectly reproduce the surround sound effect. The 10-channel amplifier can output a total of 465W power, having natural voice, and full of a sense of space. By co-working with MMI®, the system can perfectly reproduce 5.1-channel surround sound. Another special bright spot of the design is to use rear-projection LED lights to create the floating effect of speakers on the front door’s guard board. It is really a visual feast.

Color driver information system makes the driver information at your fingertip


Through a 3.5-inch TFT high-resolution color display screen, the all new Audi Q3 can display information of the vehicle information and entertainment system, allowing the driver to master the car’s running status at any time. The system’s integrated economic program can display for the driver the following fuel consumption messages: fuel-saving tips, extra load, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, shift prompts, etc., to facilitate the driver to take a more economical driving mode but at the same time not to lose driving pleasure.

Bluetooth interface achieves the linkage of information and communication


With the vehicle-mounted Bluetooth interface of the all new Audi Q3, mobile phones with the Bluetooth function can be connected to the car, achieving hands-free calls through the microphone in the car and realizing the Bluetooth audio streaming function through the Audi sound system in the car, so that you can focus more on driving.

Digital interconnectivity package

The all new Audi Q3 can be equipped with a multi-function digital interconnectivity package, which can provide Bluetooth interface to connect Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones as well as the Audi music interface to connect iPod, MP3 and other USB storage devices. At the same time, the package has Bluetooth audio streaming capabilities and a SDHC card reader (expandable to 32G) to expand more entertainment enjoyment.
Tips: The optional Audi music interface does not have AUX-IN interface (when needed, your car can be optionally equipped with a Chinese high-grade radio, a driver information system and a leather multifunction steering wheel)

Vehicle-mounted TV allows you to enjoy more entertainment

The all new Audi Q3 provides the television reception function, which can receive digital broadcast (DVB-T), the non-coding TV (MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 standard), DVB-T radio audio, teletext and electronic program guide (EPG), so that you can easily enjoy all kinds of TV programs in the trip through the MMI® navigation system.
Tips: The television reception depends on the availability of the local analog television reception and digital network. For safety reasons, when the car is in motion, only the audio output is available, and AV or TV output is not available.