Enjoy safety and comfort on each part of your journey

Intelligent equipment is no longer exclusive to luxury cars. This is true at least for all new Audi Q3, which integrates many essences of Audi, with giving you more superior enjoyment. Audi Side Assist System can monitor the car’s rear area and remind you of vehicles approaching from the rear when you change the lane. The Audi active lane assist system can monitor lane markings. When the car has a minor deviation from the lane, the system can automatically correct the direction to keep the car to run within the lane markings. No matter how narrow the parking space is, the park assist system with rear cameras can give you a good reversing vision to help you drive your car smoothly into the parking space.

Lighting system provides you a bright and clear vision


The all new Audi Q3 is equipped with Xenon plus, independent daytime running lights, LED taillights and LED indicator lights integrated on the outside rearview mirror housings. These lights not only make the all new Audi Q3 have a charming appearance but also ensure the car to have a high level of safety. Xenon plus uses the long-term lasting gas discharge technology and can offer uniform and intensive road illumination. The illuminating area of the headlights can be dynamically adjusted automatically to prevent accidents caused by the glare generated by the oncoming vehicle.

Audi side assist system actively provides safety protection for you


Audi side assist system can help the car change the lane. When the speed of the car is more than 30km/h, the system starts to work. The side assist system used by the all new Audi Q3 uses the radar technology for the real-time monitoring of vehicles in the left, right and rear areas. If the system detects an obstacle caused by other vehicles to the lane change, the yellow LED indicator lamp on the exterior mirror bracket will gently light up to alert the driver to pay attention to the obstacle but will not interfere with driving, ensuring safer driving.

Audi active lane assist system ensures safety in your driving


Equipped with Audi active lane assist system, the all new Audi Q3 can assist the driver to keep the vehicle in the driving lane. When the car speed is more than 65km/h, the system enters in the working state. In case of not opening the direction indicator light, before the vehicle crosses the lane marking, the system can keep the vehicle in the lane by slight steering correction. If needed, you can also open the steering wheel vibrating alert to ensure more safety in your journey.

Park assist system makes the driving safer and more comfortable


With 12 ultrasonic sensors, the system can find a suitable parking space and detect obstacles on the side. The system can automatically calculate the parking route and display the parking channel on the MMI® screen. The driver only needs to control the accelerator and the brake pedal and then can easily complete parking. The new generation of smart park assist system can enable the car to enter the parking space vertically or transversely and go out of the parking space vertically, making the driving safer and more enjoyable.

Hill Assist System relieves worries for you

The all new Audi Q3 is especially equipped with the Hill Descent Assist System. When the car runs on a downhill road, the system can keep the downhill speed at 10-20 km/h by means of brake intervention and engine braking. When the speed reaches 40 km/h, the function will automatically turn off. The driver only needs to control the steering wheel but don’t need to step on the accelerator or brake but can accelerate the car at any time. The system can replace the dedicated low gear and save costs.

Electromechanical power steering brings about precise and stable driving

The all new Audi Q3 is equipped with Electromechanical power steering. Its maintenance-free rack-and-pinion steering device can offer power-assisted steering with speed. At high speed, its steering response is accurate and stable. At parking, the power-assisted steering is also very accurate. The device also has the active steering compensation function and can further enhance the vehicle’s stability, making you drive calmly.

Full-size airbags offer an all-round safety protection

The all new Audi Q3 is equipped with airbags for the driver and the front passenger, providing comprehensive passive safety protection for all passengers in the car. The front side airbags are integrated in the backrests of the front seats. In case of side collision, the head airbag system will open like a protective pad on the side window area, effectively protect passengers on the front and rear sides, reducing the harm as much as possible and heading off dangers.

Electronic Stability Program (ESP) offers a more stable driving

Equipped with sensors, the Anti-Lock Brake system (ABS), the Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) system, the Acceleration Slip Regulation (ASR) system and the Electronic Differential Lock (EDL) networking, the all new Audi Q3 can compare driving data and reference data. When the car approaches a critical state, it can adjust the distribution of the driving force among the four tires through an almost imperceptible brake intervention, enhancing the vehicle's handling performance and safety. In addition, the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) also includes the anti-overbraking parking function and the brake disc wiping function.