Exterior design

Yesterday’s vision is no longer suitable to judge today’s aesthetics

All aesthetic standards will change with the times. Now, the time for this change has come.
The all new Audi Q3 fuses the urban fashion inspiration into the sense of power in the off-road design with a new design thought. A new series of classic design, such as muscular body lines, iconic single-frame air-inlet grille, flat horizontal chroming bars and LED taillights with an innovative structure, make the car not only become an ultimate tool for you to capture the envious eyes of passers-by but also become an all new advocacy of the new era’s aesthetic style.

SUV style design with both a dynamic sense and an enterprising spirit


The sports design silhouette and the flat, dynamic rear window design of the all new Audi Q3 diffuse an urban sports smell. The distinctive hurricane line design below the windows creates a vivid light and shadow effect, becoming a beautiful landscape while the car runs fast. The all new Audi Q3’s dynamic body lines improve the identification of the side doorframe area, and the appearance of its wheel rims is full of vigor and charm, highlighting the sense of power and also not lacking the charm of innovation.

The front face inherits the Audi family, looking sports and avant-garde


Seen from a distance, the front face design of the all new Audi Q3 looks compelling. It uses the iconic single-frame air-inlet grille of the Audi family. The dynamic curve of the engine hood extends out of the muscular grille bars, and the decent air inlet hints the great potential of the engine, seeming to erupt at any time. The wedge-shaped headlights use enhanced xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights, adding a smart temperament to the sturdy front face.

Innovative LED headlight appearance adds a dazzling charm to the car


The all new Audi Q3 is equipped with the enhanced version of bi-xenon lamps, independent daytime running lights, LED taillights and LED indicator lights integrated on the outside rearview mirror housings. These lights not only make the all new Audi Q3 have a charming appearance but also ensure the car to have a high level of safety. Xenon plus use the long-term lasting gas discharge technology and can offer uniform and intensive road illumination. The illuminating area of the headlights can be dynamically adjusted automatically to prevent accidents caused by the glare generated by the oncoming vehicle.

Differentiated wheel rim design sketches out a perfect line


Every detail of the design of the all new Audi Q3 model highlights an off-road sports sense and an urban style. Wheel rims having a different color or the same color with the car body highlight the unique temperament and sports performance of the all new Audi Q3, and their alternating light and shade outline the graceful lines of the car body. When the car runs on highways or in cities, it can attract the envy attention of countless passers-by.

Panoramic glass roof offers you a panoramic view of the sky


The all new Audi Q3 is equipped with a two-glass sunroof and electric sunshades. You can use radio remote control or remote control to conveniently open the front glass of the sunroof. The panoramic glass roof can not only make the interior space of the all new Audi Q3 look more spacious but also ensure plenty of sunlight and good ventilation in the cabin. In the busy city rhythm, the glass-roof can give you an opportunity to have a look at the sky and offer you endless reverie.

Wrap-around tailgate looks beautiful and pragmatic


The all new Audi Q3 inherits the unique "wrap-around tailgate" of the Audi Q series models. The coherent design style makes the tail look more attractive, and the large opening area and the 460-liter trunk make it more convenient to load and unload luggage. Auxiliary taillights on both sides of the rear bumper not only make the tail shape look more dynamic and smooth but also can warn rear vehicles when the tailgate is in the open state, thereby providing a higher level of safety.