Interior design

From one detail, people are able to know your taste

The real meaning and taste are always captured, appreciated and admired from your casual gestures. Like the all new Audi Q3, only when you are placed in the car, even at a casual glance you can also find its unique exquisiteness. With its unrivaled, tasteful design, the all new Audi Q3 eliminates useless and unnecessary functions, letting health and beauty return to the mainstream, expanding the personal development space and lifting the meaning of enjoying life beyond the life itself. This is just the trend we want to reshape.

Texture inserts show a striking personality


The all new Audi Q3 has a striking and personality interior design, highlighting a pure high quality. A ridge starts from the driver’s side windowsill, bypassing the dashboard, stretching to the co-driver’s side door windowsill, and creating a sense of safety and nobility of being surrounded. The fine wood and aluminum inlays look more shining under the illumination of LED in the cabin. There are up to four options for trim trips, including: serpentine aluminum inserts, three-dimensional aluminum inserts, dark brown pine inserts and micro metal inserts. These can show the premium quality and personality of the all new Audi Q3. For the Audi brand, impeccable high quality not only means perfect quality and workmanship but also means the pleasure brought by the high-grade sensuality.

The three-spoke leather steering wheel inherits the nobility of the Audi Q series


The newly designed three-spoke leather steering wheel is the Q family’s unique model. Its longitudinal spokes have a double-spoke design, full of off-road characteristics. The combination design of the steering wheel and the dashboard looks harmonious and fashionable, and the steering wheel with a multi-functional operating concept can offer the driver a control of the information system. If you want to pursue more quality enjoyment, you can also choose the Audi Q family’s dedicated three-spoke leather-covered multifunction sports steering wheel with the shift function and high light trims.

Unique and varied interior style has an innovative aesthetic design


The all new Audi Q3 can provide a series of optional interior styles to create a personalized car which fits your taste. Optional fine wood and aluminum trim strips are perfectly matched, and high-quality fabric or luxurious leather seats more highlight the interior texture. The all new Audi Q3 also provides a wealth of optional seat fabric colors, including: black, chestnut brown, pistachio cream, titanium gray and Madras brown. Among these colors, there is certainly one which can match your taste. The three-spoke leather steering wheel uses the Q system’s exclusive, novel design. Together with a leather shift lever and a shift lever knob and with exquisite workmanship and high quality materials, all these provide you a comfortable feel and a sense of manipulation.

Extraordinary comfort comes from ergonomic applications


The center console of the all new Audi Q3 and its equipment have a reasonable and intuitive layout. On the capacious center console can be optionally installed a seven-inch folding high-definition color screen, making manipulation and entertainment at your fingertip. At the same time, the spacious seats which meet the ergonomic design can provide excellent support for the occupants, making their journey more comfortable and funny.

Spacious space can carry more possibility


The spacious interior space of the all new Audi Q3 not only provides a comfortable ride for all passengers but also offers more possibility to carry more entertainment and sports equipment. When you need more space, you can fold the split rear seats to further expand the interior space. At the same time, you can optionally install a panoramic glass roof, so that you have a driving pleasure which perfectly integrates the inside and outside views of the vehicle.