Q5 hybrid


Mobility innovation without compromise


If we say that fossil fuels are the introductory part of efficiency history in automotive industry, electric vehicles will be the finale of this evolution process. It means green aspiration for real emission-free mobility as well as sporty performance to the fullest extent you can ever imagine. Today’s Audi Q5 hybrid quattro® is just one step away from the future.

Audi Q5 hybrid quattro® takes the lead in launching more advanced hybrid efficiency equipped with lithium ion battery pack with its deep insight into the future and top nearly zero emission technology. Its award-winning 2.0 TFSI® engine combines hybrid technology with quattro performance, establishing its unrivalled sporty performance and energy-efficient advantages. The sporty design of Audi Q5 hybrid quattro® which can shape the future, provide you with exhilarating sensory performance.

Simply put, Audi Q5 has advanced the efficiency progress in automotive industry at an ultimate speed and defined the top-of-the-range high performance hybrid SUV model. As a result, let’s look forward to the emission-free electric vehicle of Audi – the beginning of brand new era of Audi but the finale of efficiency history.

Sensory trend under spotlight

Q5 hybrid

At this moment, you’re the leader to rein the future as well as a compelling focal point. Audi Q5 hybrid quattro® engraves "hybrid" logo on the entire body as its admirable future identification. The door sill trims with 'hybrid' mark and 10-arm "Turbine" design cast aluminum alloy wheels, (for hybrid models only) present an unparalleled style of innovative technology.

Efficiency technology that race the future


We pay our full attention to how close we are to the future, instead of how much our rivals have fallen behind. As a full hybrid model, Audi Q5 hybrid quattro® can travel completely depending on electricity in some circumstances, which should be attributable to high power lithium ion battery used by Audion SUV models for the first time worldwide. It realizes more rational layout of the entire hybrid system while reducing the weight. In addition, three driving modes are available for your choice. For instance, you may select EV mode for full electric driving at a speed of up to 100km/h without engine noise. This is a brand new driving experience that no other hybrid models can challenge with their respective full electric driving speeds and mileages.

Hybrid for an Eco-friendly Future


The driver can monitor the status of hybrid system via power meter of the dashboard anytime, such as electric driving, rising power and energy recovery. Everything can be easily and conveniently achieved, either the reduction of fuel consumption or improvement of strong power. Just select one of three modes and you will immediately act as you expected. EV mode activated with a touch of the button applies to full electric driving conditions. Selecting gear 'D' can take into consideration both performance and fuel consumption to maintain a balanced state, while selecting gear 'S' can make the most of engine performance and deliver more power through the electric motor.