Drive exactly how you feel!

We know the force acted on the vehicle well due to our experience in car racing. Additionally, you can drive exactly how you feel!



The quattro® technology stands for permanent power to all four wheels distributed between the front and rear axles. Power to each axle leads to a low power requirement with very well balanced handling.
Especially on slippery road surfaces the quattro® permanent four-wheel drive guarantees more driving pleasure. If the wheels of one axle lose grip and threaten to spin, the drive torque is redirected in the central differential to the other axle, automatically and continuously. The quattro® technology takes into account the influence of the engine speed and torque, the wheel speeds and the forward and lateral acceleration. The result: better acceleration, greater lateral stability, improved traction and higher safety.

Adaptive air suspension


Audi adaptive air suspension successfully unites the apparently conflicting qualities of comfort and dynamic handling. With its combination of air suspension and a continuously variable, electronically controlled damper system, it adapts to every driving situation no matter how the vehicle is loaded.
It achieves this with fully load-bearing air springs on the front and rear axles combined with a continuously variable, electronic damping system. The permanent self-levelling function ensures that the vehicle body remains at the right attitude even with an asymmetrical load distribution. You can also select the suspension mode to give your Audi precisely the handling qualities you want. The driver can choose between the modes "automatic", "comfort", "dynamic" and "lift".