Excellent efficiency, close to the peak

The brand concept of “Vorsprung durch Technik” drives Audi to focus on the most cutting-edge technology. Every technology proves the real connotation and value of the Audi brand again and again. Audi has always been pursuing higher efficiency to achieve excellent efficiency and bring the performance to the ultimate.

LED lighting technology lights up the future


The new Audi R8 Coupe adopts the LED lighting technology. The previous classic shape is used, and the light interior is redesigned and optimized. The headlights, taillights, exterior mirror indicators all adopt the LED technology, enabling a near-daylight illumination of the road and lower energy consumption. No bulb needs to be changed, bringing an extremely long life.

Audi Space Frame (ASF®), lighter and more efficient


The high-strength aluminum frame structure with a high level of stiffness provides better dynamic performance and greater running stability. Compared with the traditional steel structure, ASF® not only has the advantage of lightweight, but also saves fuel and reduces emission. The design greatly improves the safety performance of the entire vehicle, and can change the energy-absorbing path after collision. The stiffness distribution of the body front is variable in order to better resist head-on collision. When collision occurs, energy is dissipated to an area far from the cockpit as much as possible, so it better ensures the completeness of the cockpit and protects the passengers’ safety maximally.

All-new S tronic® transmission, high efficiency and low oil consumption


The all-new S tronic® 7-speed transmission replaces the previous R tronic transmission. It has higher transmission efficiency and bigger speed ratio. You can finish gearshift without perceiving any interruption in the power flow. The high efficiency directly brings lower oil consumption and lower emission.