Exterior Design

A seamless blend of form and function

Pure designs for pure lure. Audi TT is a major milestone in history of car designs. Its characteristics has been fully expressed since its original design and then carried forward for years. Extended by 13.7 cm and widened by 7.8 cm, TT Coupé just grows vigorously.

Body design


Brief front and rear suspensions, and wider track also form the impressive exterior appearance, delivering exhilarating driving experience.


Xenon plus headlights


Automatic adjustment of light range, with headlights cleaning device.

Exterior mirrors


Body colored exterior mirrors with electric adjustment are fitted with LED turning lights and heated device for windshield wash-wipe nozzle, with aspheric mirror on the left and convex mirror on the right. They also feature power folding and auto-dimming functions.

Tail lamps


The tail lamps feature three-dimensional red transparent glass shell, with the reversing lamps using colorless transparent materials.