Highlights Safety

The coupé always aims at satisfying the purists, but Audi TT does not sacrifice its safety and comfort. TT coupé meets the requirements of new EU and US laws and regulations regarding front impact and side-impact.

Audi Space Frame (ASF®)


The optimized combination of innovative steel and aluminium materials creates highly rigid body and further improves the handling capability, stability and safety during dynamic driving.



Full-size front airbags for driver and co-driver provide considerate protection with their two-stage deployment, and also the switch of front airbag for co-driver. The front side airbags (to protect head/breast) are integrated into the seatbacks.

Audi Backguard

The energy on the upper body is absorbed by the seats due to reasonable design of seat structure when a rear impact occurs. The head is supported, greatly improving the protection and reducing the injury.

Side impact protection

It comprises bend-restraint aluminum impact beams in the doors, activation of side airbags by pressure sensors in the doors and protective side padding in the doors.

Anti-Slide Retractor (ASR)

It reduces spinning of the drive wheels by reducing engine output – thereby improving traction and stability on the road surface.