Luxury and Entertainment

As a luxury coupé permeated with personalized needs, Audi TTS brings more passionate enjoyment to your driving with a wider range of luxury entertainment equipment.

Driver information system


It provides the display of the radio clock and date. The display can shows the auto-check information, digital speed, radio frequency, the value of two adjustable speed-limiting valves, ambient temperature, oil consumption, monitoring of doors and back doors.



For Concert radio, new MP3 function is added, including 5-channel amplifier and 9 active speakers and total power output is 140 Watt (standard for 2.0 TFSI®). For Symphony radio, integrated 6 discs CD player is included based on Concert radio.

the BOSE Sound System


Designed based on the best acoustic effects inside the car body, the BOSE surround sound system features 8-channel amplifier with a total power output of 255 Watt, which has hearing-adaptive interior environment and dynamically driven noise compensation, and 12 high-performance speakers comprising central speakers and woofers, capable of delivering stunning audio experience.

Bluetooth Handy System


The Bluetooth handy system is located in the stowage of centre console, can be used in network D and E and is fitted with antenna, hand-free function, charger and Bluetooth interface. You may operate it via multi-function leather sporty steering wheel.