Interior Design

Dynamic ergonomics

TTS’s interior layout inherits the styling of Audi family as usual, but more dynamic. The interior craftsmanship is extremely exquisite, even the odour inside it is deliberately blended. The unique ergonomic side support for seatbacks provides better side support when driving through corners. Both the seat heights for driver and front occupant, and headrest heights for front seats are adjustable.

Leather Multi-function Sporty Steering Wheel


The three-spoke leather multi-function sporty steering wheel with gearshift feature integrates the front airbag for driver, and is able to operate radio and mobile phone. Behind the steering wheel is a paddle for gear selection.



The football-shaped seat edge sealing perfectly interprets Audi TTS’s sporty essence down to the smallest details.

Gear lever with TTS emblem


The gear lever with TTS emblem fully shows the sportiness and adds charm to acceleration.