InnovationBang & Olufsen® Advanced Sound

Audi was the first automaker to partner with Danish advanced sound expert Bang & Olufsen®, whose focus on both design and performance is a perfect match for the Bavarian luxury carmaker. The A8/S8 model lines are considered the flagship of all that Audi has to offer, and were the first models to introduce the collaboration between the carmaker and Bang & Olufsen® at the start of the 2007 model year.

Advanced Sound System
Since the release of optional Bang & Olufsen® Advanced Sound System in the A8/S8 model range, several other Audi models now feature sound developed by the Danish sound expert. Learn more about Audi models with the Bang & Olufsen® Advanced Sound System.

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Audi Q7

•Two tweeters mounted in an acoustic lens with motorised emergence
•Over 505 watts
•Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
•Enclosed speaker cabinets
•14 active loudspeakers: Two front 19 mm tweeters, front/centre loudspeaker, 80 mm full-range centre location, 80 mm mid-range speakers and woofers that are 165 mm in diameter.Rear doors 25 mm tweeters and 140 mm woofers. A 200 mm subwoofer mounted in a 20 litre cabinet, cleverly placed within the excess space of the spare tyre

Audi R8

•Surround sound concept
•12 quality speakers
•Ten-channel with a combined power output of 465 watts
•High power reserve- Vehicle noise and road noise compensation
•Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Audi A5/S5

•Surround sound reproduction
•Dynamic noise compensation
•505 watts
•14 speakers: one centre, four midrange in dashboard, two tweeters in door sail panels, two woofers in doors, two tweeters in rear side panels, two mid-bass in rear side panels, two surround speakers and one subwoofers in rear parcel shelf

Audi A8/S8

•14-Speakers, including 12-inch woofer, each with their own amplifier
•Nearly 505 watts (One amplifier with four 125 watt channels and a 250 watt amplifier for the 200 mm subwoofer) (Second amplifier (DSP) is responsible for processing signals and with nine 35 watt power amplifiers for controlling surround and tweeter speakers)
•Two automatic extending acoustic lense speakers in front dash