InnovationAudi Technology Defined

From the very beginning, advanced technology has been at the very heart of the Audi DNA. In practice, this means the relentless pursuit of new and better solutions to the automotive challenges of an ever-changing world. From quattro®quattro®Vorsprung durch Technik: quattro® technology stands for permanent power to all four wheels distributed between the front and rear axles.quattro® all-wheel-drive to FSIFSIGetting more out of every drop of petrol.FSI ® Direct Injection, Vorsprung durch Technik means safer, more efficient, and more brilliantly satisfying cars to drive.

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  • quattro®

    The technologically advanced quattro® all-wheel drive system senses wheels with the most traction and in turn delivers power to those wheels. Quite simply, quattro® is power where you need it, when you need it– regardless of conditions.

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  • Audi TDI®

    Audi TDITDISynonymous with muscular torque delivery and outstanding efficiency: TDI. Today, TDI engines are sporty, smooth and economical.TDI ® features Clean Diesel Technology which makes it the cleanest burning diesel technology in the world. It also delivers eye-opening performance while offering longer range and better fuel efficiency.

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  • FSI®

    FSI® (Fuel Stratified Injection) defies physics by offering more power while at the same time offering greater fuel efficiency.

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  • Audi Space Frame (ASF®)

    ASF® utilizes state-of-the-art technology and materials to create a space frame body made of aluminium that offers increased stiffness for enhanced handling performance as well as a significant reduction in weight.

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  • MMI®

    The MMIMMIReduced, simple, logical: the Multi Media Interface (MMI) elegantly combines the operation of all infotainment components in one display and operating system.MMI ® is the nerve centre offering control over a number of systems such as the radio as well as other available systems such as navigation and your iPod® via the Audi music interfaceAudi music interfaceThousands of songs available at your fingertips: the Audi music interface integrates portable media players into the Audi MMI.Audi music interface .

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  • Bang & Olufsen®

    Bang & Olufsen® creates sound systems specifically designed for each model ensuring concert hall-quality sound.

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  • iPod® Compatibility

    The available Audi Music Interface enables you to connect your iPod® through a special cable and access your complete music library through the stereo or the MMI® operating system.

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  • Bluetooth®

    By pairing your mobile phone with the integrated Bluetooth®Bluetooth®Pairing your Audi and mobile phone is yet another convenient way to access vital information at the touch of a button. Audi continuously checks the compatibility of all manufacturers’ mobile phones with a database containing all phones currently supported as well as any restrictions.Bluetooth® system, you’ll enjoy the convenience and added safety of hands-free communication.