Tyre pressure monitoring system

Tyre pressure monitoring systems provide early detection of pressure loss on one or more wheels and warn the driver accordingly.

Tyre pressure monitoring display
The tyre pressure monitoring display measures the tyre pressures indirectly. It uses the signals from the ABS/ESP wheel speed sensors to detect differences in rotational speed between the individual wheels, which provide an indication of pressure loss. The same signals are used to analyse characteristic vibrations of the separate wheels, which may also point to a potential loss of pressure. A warning display alerts the driver so that the tyre pressures can be checked as soon as a pressure loss occurs.

Tyre pressure monitoring system
Tyre pressure monitoring systems, which measure directly, use sensors installed in the wheels. These measure the pressure and temperature inside the tyre and transmit this information to a receiver in the vehicle. The measured tyre pressures are continuously compared with specification values, which are entered by the driver, for example after changing the tyres. The driver can not only check the tyre pressures and temperatures at any time, but also receives a warning if differences arise between the set pressure and the measured pressure. Sensors on all four wheels are necessary for the system to function correctly. If the vehicle is supplied with winter wheels, these will already have the required sensors; otherwise they must be ordered separately from your Audi dealer.