Exterior mirrors

A better view in all weathers: Audi offers a wide range of different configurations for exterior mirrors – electrically adjustable and/or heated and/or folding mirrors, also with the optional memory function if desired.

Memory function

A particularly handy feature if your vehicle is used by different drivers is the memory function, available as an option in conjunction with electrically adjustable seats with memory function. Various settings are stored together with the seat position and associated with the respective driver’s key. In addition, the memory function automatically tilts the mirror face of the passenger-side exterior mirror downwards when reverse gear is engaged, providing the driver with a better view of the kerb.


The exterior mirror heating responds automatically – depending on the weather conditions and humidity. The heating system uses heating foils on the reverse sides of the mirrors and switches their power on and off in cycles. The system heats as necessary depending on the temperature and the vehicle speed. The power consumption is regulated by the continuously changing internal resistance of the heating system. This ensures that the exterior mirrors are always supplied with the suitable level of current. At high humidity or low temperatures, the heating quickly removes any condensation or ice, making sure the driver has a clear view to the rear.

Electric folding

Electrically folding exterior mirrors prove especially useful when taking the vehicle through the car wash or negotiating narrow garages or tight spaces where every inch of space counts. You can fold them in using the electric mirror adjustment unit in the driver door and out again at any time by turning the knob.

Automatic anti-glare

Automatic anti-glare exterior mirrors protect the driver from headlight dazzle by automatically and progressively dimming when the light coming from behind is too bright. This prevents dangerous situations arising from glaring light reflections in the mirrors. Automatic anti-glare mirrors measure the light intensity by sensor and darken independently in response to excessively strong light. An electronic control unit varies the darkening effect quickly and continuously according to the current ambient light conditions.