Luggage compartment packages

The two-part luggage compartment package helps keep the boot space neat and tidy, secures your luggage items and supplies power via a 12-volt socket for equipment such as a refrigerated box. That means comfort right down to the boot.

The luggage compartment package consists of a universal net, which is simply hooked into place on the luggage compartment floor or on the back of the rear seat backrest. The net can secure luggage items of different shapes and types, and reduces sliding – for instance during sudden braking. That improves safety both for the vehicle occupants and for the luggage contents – fragile objects such as bottles remain safely in their place.

The 12-volt socket, which is inconspicuously integrated into the side of the interior, close to the boot lid at the rear right, can be used to run any 12-volt device, such as an electric refrigerated box. That allows you to keep a supply of drinks cool and always readily available when you stop for a break.