MMI navigation plus

The latest-generation navigation system: MMI Navigation plus delivers outstanding comfort and convenience – and not only on long journeys. The system includes such features as hard-drive navigation, a jukebox with 10 gigabytes of storage space, a CD/DVD drive and an integrated speech dialogue system with whole-word input.

MMI navigation plus

  • Includes a high-quality radio system
  • Hard-drive navigation
  • High-resolution 7" colour display (wide VGA 800 x 480 pixels)
  • Offset MMI control panel with joystick
  • Jukebox with 10 GB of memory for music files
  • Two SD memory card readers for memory cards with a maximum capacity of 32 GB each
  • Speech dialogue system with whole-word input to operate navigation, directory and – if installed – telephone
  • vCard function: all stored contacts can be transferred in vCard format via Bluetooth to mobile phones or PDAs


  • Navigation with clear map display: 3D display of terrain and city models, as well as display of detailed 3D models of attractions and sights
  • Choice of up to three suggested routes
  • Free scrolling in map view using the joystick
  • Destination input via map: the navigation destination can be selected by means of the cursor directly on the map
  • Storage of recent navigation destinations
  • Display of additional information: e.g. calculated arrival time, special destinations, traffic hold-ups, current height above sea level
  • In addition to entering your chosen destination, it is also possible to use special destinations such as sights and attractions as your route guidance destination, as well as so-called important special destinations such as the nearest car park, petrol station or railway station
  • Detailed display of traffic hold-ups (tailbacks, slow-moving traffic)
  • Dynamic route guidance using TMC (where available) plus storage of current traffic reports (TP memory)
  • Display of the directions and additional information in the driver information system in the instrument cluster

Speech dialogue system

  • Whole-word input – meaning that there is no need to spell letter-by-letter
  • No training needed – the system recognises commands and sequences of digits no matter who the speaker is
  • The speech dialogue system automatically creates a voice tag in the directory for every entry. By means of these voice tags, the contacts' addresses can be selected as navigation destinations
  • Can be operated in the following languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch

Telephone functions

  • Calling special destinations such as restaurants (if the phone number is available and Audi Bluetooth car phone or mobile phone preparation is also installed)
  • Directory containing up to 5,000 entries – up to five phone numbers and up to two addresses can be stored for each entry
  • Directory entries can also be used as destinations for the navigation system
  • Directory entries can be called up via the integrated speech dialogue system by whole-word input without any training
  • Up to five profiles can be managed with the optional Audi Bluetooth car phone
  • It is possible to import the phone book of a linked mobile phone

Media functions

  • Playback of video and audio DVDs, audio CDs and music files in MP3, WMA and AAC formats (for safety reasons, the video picture is only displayed when the vehicle is stationary)
  • Music files can be played from USB mass storage devices, SD memory cards or the CD/DVD drive, or copied onto the integrated hard drive and played back from there (USB port only in conjunction with the Audi Music Interface)
  • Display of the track and artist information stored in the music files.