Mobile phone preparation (Bluetooth)

Always in touch everywhere you go: there is no need to get by without the telephone during a journey. The mobile phone preparation (Bluetooth) with integrated hands-free system can connect up a wide range of common mobile phone models to your vehicle. During charging or phoning, the driver can always concentrate on the road.

The mobile phone preparation (Bluetooth) comprises a user-friendly hands-free unit, a high-performance external aerial and a charger. The mobile phone is linked up to the system via an adapter from Audi Genuine Accessories®. Once the mobile phone is connected to the mobile phone preparation, the driver can charge up the phone’s battery or conduct calls while driving, using the hands-free system.

When an incoming call is received, the active audio source, e.g. radio or CD, is automatically muted. The person at the other end can then be heard over the sound system’s speakers in outstanding digital quality. This is one of the benefits of the GSM dual-band aerial with amplifier.

Depending on the vehicle's equipment specification, the telephone functions are operated via the navigation system’s radio unit, the multifunction steering wheel or via voice command.

The universal system is ready for dual-band mobile phones (D and E networks); a constantly updated list of compatible mobile phones can be found in the Audi database for mobile devices: