Speech dialogue system

With the speech dialogue system, you can control the car phone, radio, CD player, CD changer, TV tuner and all the main functions of the navigation system. An electronic noise reduction feature filters out unwanted distortion noise. The system is also capable of processing dialects, individual pronunciations and fast speech.

The central operating element for the voice control system is the push-to-talk button on the multifunction steering wheel. When this button is pressed, the first voice command by the driver selects the unit to be operated. Which options are then available depends on the selected unit. This prevents unintentional activation of other units and ensures intuitively correct operation.

The speech dialogue system offers you the following functionalities:


  • PIN entry
  • Enter and dial a number
  • Enter and select a name from the telephone book
  • Redial
  • Store a name and number in the telephone book
  • Hear telephone book contents
  • Delete a name from the telephone book
  • Delete the entire telephone book
  • Activate help


  • Listen to the latest traffic information
  • Change band (FM/AM)
  • Select the scan function
  • Enter frequency directly for FM
  • Voice-controlled station search
  • Activate help


  • Fast forward and rewind
  • Fast forward to next track
  • Change cassette side
  • Activate help

CD player and CD changer

  • Scan function
  • Select CD directly (symphony radio only)
  • Select track
  • Next/previous track
  • Activate help

Navigation system

  • Switch to map view
  • Change map scale (e.g. 1 km, 5 km)
  • Dynamic route guidance on/off
  • Select up to four stored top destinations (e.g. home, office, sport, town centre)
  • Activate help

TV tuner

  • Autostore search
  • Activate help