Towing bracket, electric swivelling

Neat and easy to use: the electrically retractable towing bracket can be swivelled in and out under its own power by simply pressing a rocker switch in the luggage compartment.

Convenient and safe whatever the load: just press the rocker switch in the luggage compartment and the swivelling mechanism turns the ball joint attachment out and in again. When the trailer is hitched and locked, the indicator light in the rocker switch shows that the trailer has been successfully secured. Then you can set off. Moreover, no matter what you are transporting – a horse, a boat or a motorcycle – the trailer stabilisation system makes driving with a trailer easier. Using the sensors of the electronic stability programme (ESP), it counters oscillations of the trailer, which may be built up by a lane-change manoeuvre, ruts and grooves in the road surface or crosswind. With automatic applications of the brakes, the system decelerates the trailer, thus helping to stabilise it.