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Audi Sport

Audi Sport

Since its inception, Audi has implanted the “leading technology” into its bloodline. In order to better interpret the progressive spirit of Audi’s century-long sports gene, FAW - VW Audi has designed multi-level training experiences based on the various needs of different customers. It also covers a series of international high-end sports, which highlights the brand values of “progressiveness, sophistication and sportiness”. As these sports events are getting more and more influential, the brand awareness and customer loyalty are enhanced remarkably.

Audi Sport

Audi Sport brand inherits the essence of its century-long gene and has clearly expressed its sports spirit by holding high-end sports events. Its diversified services satisfies the different needs of customers . Welcome to the website of Audi Sport. Learn more

Audi Driving Experience

As the professional test drive activity of Audi brand, Audi Driving Experience (ADE) offers customers the real sporty driving fun. According to the needs of different customers, ADE has been acting as the most professional and comprehensive platform for customers to test drive. Through the exhibition of all models, diversified drive experiences and excellent multimedia interactions, ADE highlights the essence of Audi’s brand claim of "Vorsprung durch Technik”. Learn more

Audi quattro Cup Golf Tournament

The first Audi quattro Cup Golf Tournament was kicked off in 1991 in Germany. Now it has developed into the world's largest and most popular amateur golf tour. With the ever-growing influence of the sports event, the brand awareness and customer loyalty have been greatly enhanced. And its unique "four balls decide the score" game mode is attracting more and more amateur players, and adds more connotations to Audi value - sportiness and passion, elegance and sophistication, accuracy and fashion. Learn more

Audi Football

Breakout is the king's gene. Audi not only plays an active role in domestic and foreign football causes, but also spares no effort to support the newly-rising stars and to maintain close partnership with them, which underlines the value concept of Audi Sport in return. At the same time, a good deal of stars from many international football teams choose Audi as their cars to demonstrate the sports spirit and cultural charm advocated by the Audi brand. Learn more

Audi Sailing

Audi has been committed to sponsoring sailing sport, because the characteristics of this sport coincide with the brand’s core value , ie., " progressiveness, sophistication and sportiness". Audi has sponsored the German-French TP52 team led by JochenSchümann and established good cooperation relationship with the sailing event “Kiel Week”/ ”KielerWoche”. In addition, Audi also provides a wonderful platform where sailing enthusiasts and athletes can fully enjoy the unique charm and extraordinary fun of this sport. Learn more