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Audi Club

Audi Club is open to owners of all Audi models, and committed to serving Audi users across China like a whole new family. At Audi Club, you will get access to generous credits, privileged after services, as well as top-class daily services including clothing, food, dwelling, transport, and entertainment.

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    Well-arranged reception for Audi Club members

    Selling a car is merely the starting point of our service. There is much more to be felt. In particular, Audi Club will receive and treat you in the most respectful way and make a part of your life much more enjoyable.

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    Audi credit mall

    Fantastic commodities and services have been made available at the Audi credit mall, and may be exchanged with your credits. With Audi Club, you will gain brand new experiences.


Join Audi Club

1. You may register at any of the 370 franchised stores designated for Audi Club registration to become a member of the club.
2. You may scan the 2D code of the WeChat public account for Audi Club below to register as a member.
3. You may scan the 2D code below to download “My Audi” mobile phone APP and register as a member from the APP.

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    Start your exciting exploration right now

    You may log into the website of Audi Club to find more exciting offers and a new way to enjoy your quality life.

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