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Audi on demand +

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Audi on demand +

“Audi on demand +” is China’s first mobile travel product offered by an automotive brand and targeted at high-end automotive market. Based on hourly billing, this service covers all present-day Audi models including cars, SUVs, and supercars. The service is initially launched in Beijing, and will be rolled out later to all major cities across the nation.

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Scan the code to enjoy fresh new travels

“Audi on demand +” is designed as a product of high quality, much convenience, and amazing simplicity. To start a pleasant trip with “Audi on demand +”, you only need to scan the 2D code below to download the APP and complete registration and authentication by following the prompts. During any use, an Audi certified travel butler will keep you company to ensure carefree driving.


Guides for using Audi on demand +

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    1. Register

    Register as a member of Audi on demand +

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    2. Book a car

    Select a desired car, SUV, or supercar depending on your actual needs.

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    3. Receive the car

    A well-trained travel butler will deliver the car to you and explain to you the unique features of Audi products.

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    4. Start a fantastic journey

    In addition to the luxurious quality and outstanding performance, we will exceed your expectation by offering individualized value-added services and products

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    5. Return the car

    Upon end of use, our travel butler will fetch back the car from your premises.

Honorable services lead to extraordinary travel experiences

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    The full range of models in Audi Family, including all newcomers

    The full range of Audi models are available to meet your various travel needs.

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    A procedure completed by simply pressing a key

    You may make an arrangement with the Audi travel butler by simply pressing a key, and the rest of your journey will be totally care-free.

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    Original Audi team

    With globally consistent service standards, Audi meets your driving needs from a single source.

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    Customization service

    The customization services of Audi create amazing travel moments for you.

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    Welcome to inquire through the following means

    Customer service telephone: 400-180-3001

    Customer service Email:

    Working time: 8:00-21:00 from Monday to Sunday

    Outlet address: No. 1 Yard, Dongfeng South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing