About FAW-VW

FAW-Volkswagen is a joint venture automobile production company co-funded by FAW and VOLKSWAGEN AG, with FAW holding 60% equity and VOLKSWAGEN Konzern Group 40% (to be specific, VOLKSWAGEN 20%, Audi Corporation 10% and VOLKSWAGEN China 10%).

Founded in 1991, FAW-Volkswagen heralded birth of the first Jetta on December 5, 1991. In 1997 they passed a national examination production capacity of 150,000. FAW-Volkswagen received an ISO9001 certification in April 1998, and an ISO14001 certification on environmental management on November 1, 2002.

On December 7, 2004, the No. 2 plant of FAW-Volkswagen was put into production, symbolizing the extension of the scale of production for FAW-Volkswagen. With its establishment, a matching system of auto parts and components featuring uniform quality standards with that of the German auto industry was set up in China. This was a modern enterprise with world level technologies and efficient management.

FAW-Volkswagen covers a ground area of 1.82 million square meters with a total investment of RMB 23.4 billion and a registered capital of RMB7.812 billion.

Currently, FAW-Volkswagen is composed of pressing, welding, painting and final assembly workshops, all which take place in the car plant 1. In the car plant 2 are the counterpart workshops, where there is an engine and transmission plant, production management center, R&D center, quality control center, training center, computer center, development and planning center, marketing division, etc. VOLKSWAGEN and Audi constitutes its two major brands, covering a wide range of models including Jetta, Bora, Golf, Caddy, Audi A6, Audi A4, the brand-New Audi A6L and the brand-New Audi A4 series.
FAW-Volkswagen boasts an annual production capacity of 660,000 cars, 360,000 engines and 180,000 transmissions.

FAW-Volkswagen displays the most advanced PQ35 platform as well as sophisticated technologies. For instance, its final assembly adopts conveying rails which makes it possible to assemble different models in the same line, EHB, automatic electric car technology, brand-new door sealing strip technique and flexible production mode. Its painting uses world-level electrophoresis, ultrafiltrate washing, dip rinse, water leaching, and the most advanced PVC materials and robots, nine-cup electrostatic high-speed automatic spraying equipment; welding adopts world advanced Schottplatt laser inspection, laser welding, robot welding, intermediate frequency welding three-layer plate, punching joint and other body making techniques; pressing employs fully-automatic production line with high-speed mechanical arms, KUKA robots at the devanning stations, optical camera plate centering and positioning, 800-ton three-coordinate multi-station automatic press, etc.

FAW-Volkswagen has applied R3 software of advanced German technology to its production management, with computers tracking and managing the whole production process. The materializing production cycle time is 96 seconds. In terms of logistics management, FAW-Volkswagen has applied world sophisticated logistics management theories and a FIS-JIP network management system. On the basis of modular assembly, the entire vehicle assembly has smoothly turned from timely delivery to linearity of large-scale customer order. Level production of customer orders makes it possible to achieve zero error rate and 100% accuracy rate. In the meantime, it not only satisfies market orders, but satisfies the requirements of a mixed production of various models. To its credit, production can be carried out as orderly as it receives personalized demands from customers' order sheets.