Legal Declaration

Legal Declaration

Welcome to the official website of FAW-VW Audi. Before using any product or service on our website, please read the following provisions carefully. You may choose not to use our products and services if you disagree with any of these provisions. Your official use of our products and services will constitute your full understanding and acceptance of all provisions and contents herein.

I. Privacy

It is within your discretion to provide any personal information requested during browsing of our website. We collect your personal information for the sole purpose of providing you with quality products and services as well as richer user experiences. If you are willing to provide such information, it will be collected, used, disclosed, and shared only to the extent permitted by the privacy provisions given herein, and protected in accordance with applicable laws. If you choose not to offer such information, we may be not able to provide you with our products or services in a timely and desirable way, and your proper use of our products or services may be affected in some way.

1. Scope of personal information

The personal information we collect from you refers to information that can be used either alone or in conjunction with other information to verify your identity. For the purpose of this privacy clause, such information includes your name, sex, age, birth date, profession, educational background, ID card number or other identity certificate, telephone number, user name, user password, address, marital status, email address, driver license information, driving years, vehicle information, vehicle status, behavior data, geographical location, and your possession of our product data.

Sensitive personal information refers to information that, once divulged, illegally offered, or abused, may endanger the safety of people or property, and may easily lead to damage to personal reputation or physical or mental health or discriminatory treatment. For the purpose of this privacy clause, such information includes mobile phone number, user password, ID card or other identity certificate, credit information, driver license, geographical location, itinerary, profession, face video or image, and property information.

2. How do we collect your personal information

2.1 When you enter a website and register an account, we will collect your name, telephone number, email address, login password, account head portrait, and position information. Such information is solicited to complete website registration and certification and determine your geographical location so that product data specific to your city can be offered.

2.2 When you browse through various types of product or service information on our web pages, we will use cookies or other similar techniques to collect information on your browsing history, IP address, date/time stamp, or click stream. Such personal information is not allowed to be used alone. By accepting this clause, you understand and agree that the information collected by cookies will be used by us in combination with other information about you for the purpose of general customer need analysis, which will enable us to provide more targeted and valuable product and service information. The majority of web page browsers are configured to activate cookies automatically, and you may change your personal browser configuration and deactivate cookies at any time, though disabling cookies may prevent you from experiencing some of the services available on our website. We therefore recommend that these cookies be left in active status.

2.3 When you use website sales services (such as car purchase, car sales, second-hand car exchange, evaluation, etc.), we will collect information on your name, sex, profession, telephone number, ID card or other identity certificate, location, vehicle, price, mileage, license plate, interested models, and distributors. Such information is intended to gain a better understanding of your vehicle or desired models, thereby allowing us to better meet your service demands.

2.4 When you make an online booking of test drive service, we will collect your name, sex, telephone, ID card or other identity certificate, location, interested models and distributors. Such information is intended to help you book test drive service of your desired model in a timely and efficient manner and create more comfortable test drive experiences for you.

2.5 When you use an online financial service (such as car purchase loan and insurance service), we will collect your name, sex, profession, telephone, ID card or other identity certificate, location, vehicle, price, driver license, and financial information. Such information is intended for general analysis of your personal financial conditions and vehicle conditions so that services more suited to your needs can be provided.

2.6 When you use a customer inquiry or after-sales service (such as call center inquiry and after-sales maintenance), we will collect your name, telephone, vehicle information, call records, and other necessary data. Such information is solicited to better understand your needs and to provide you with considerate services and news.

2.7 In order to provide, demonstrate, and recommend latest products or services for you and track your service experiences, we may send pertinent information to you or evaluate your satisfaction by means of telephone, email, or short message. If you are not interested in receiving such information, you may unsubscribe it by following the unsubscription procedure accompanying the information. Our customer service will help you complete this procedure.

2.8 In addition to the previously mentioned information you offer to us whiling browsing our web pages and that collected by us, we will obtain your personal information from other third parties like our business partners and/or suppliers, automotive exhibition organizers and/or participants, or financial companies. The information thus obtained may include data you provide for getting access to our offline service, data your provide while following our social media, data you provide during use of our webpages, data acquired by cameras at the premises of distributors, and data gathered in the course of maintenance services.

3. How do we use, share, transfer, and disclose your personal information

You understand and agree that we may use, disclose, process, and share your personal information in the following ways:
3.1 We and/or our affiliates and distributors may use your personal information by ourselves for the following purposes:

·to provide you with our products and services, and to communicate with you on user experiences;
·to provide you with individualized products and services, and to bring better personalized experiences to you;
·to provide you with information on latest products, services, derivative products, and other events;
·to use your personal information in our internal data analysis and researches so as to improve our products, services, and ability to solve user issues.

3.2 We may disclose to third parties and share with them your personal information, including in the following cases:

·to share your personal information with our affiliates and allow them to offer services of comparable quality to you;
·to share your personal information with our authorized distributors so that they can offer better pre-sales and after-sales services;
·to share your personal information with financial companies, car insurers, and second-hand car companies so as to meet your needs and expectations for cars;
·to share your personal information with our third party partners so that they can update their products and services, launch better services, and improve existing offers like car insurance and roadside assistance.

3.3 We may disclose your personal information as required by laws or administration orders transfer:

We will not transfer your personal information to any corporation, organization, or individual unless subject to your explicit consent or in case of corporate merging, acquisition, or bankruptcy liquidation.

4. In any of the following circumstances, we are not required to obtain your prior consent before collecting, using, sharing, and disclosing your personal information:

·National security or defense is involved;
·Public security, public health, or major public interest is involved;
·A criminal investigation, prosecution, trial, or enforcement of judgment is involved;
·Access to personal information is necessary for protecting your major legal rights like life or property or those of other individuals, but it’s difficult to obtain your prior consent;
·You make your personal information publicly available on your own;
·Personal information is collected from lawful public information sources such as legal news coverage or governmental publication.
·Other cases where personal access to information is required by laws, regulations, or government authorities.

5. How do we protect your personal information

We will use all practical physical techniques or protective facilities in our management system to safeguard your personal information, preventing it from being illegally accessed, tampered, or made known to the public. In the unlikely event of personal information related security accident, we will inform you of the consequences of such accident as required by laws and regulations, and make all necessary remedies.

We will keep your personal information for a duration necessary for the above-mentioned purposes, unless it is required or permitted by laws to keep such information for a longer time.

6. Your rights to your personal information

We understand and respect the value and privacy of your personal information. Therefore, to protect your rights to such information, you may log into your account or inquire about your personal information from us at any time. You may also modify or update such information any time you want to maintain its completeness and accuracy.

In any of the following circumstances, you may request us to delete your personal information, though once the request is granted, your user permission will be taken back, and you will no longer be able to log into your account or get access to relevant services:
·If we treat your personal information in a way in violation of laws or regulations;
·If we collect or use your personal information without first obtaining your consent;
·If we treat your personal information in a way not compliant with policies defined herein;
·If you no longer need our products or services, or if you have cancelled your account.

You may change the scope of your personal information that you authorize us to collect or use, or withdraw your authorization. In case of withdrawal of authorization, we will not treat corresponding personal information any more, provided that your decision on withdrawal will not interfere with the personal information treatment activities already carried out based on your previous authorization.

II. Intellectual property rights

As an online information exchange platform, we hope you can understand and support our resolve to protect all intellectual property rights. Please be aware that all intellectual property rights used on our website and/or third party intellectual property rights are not authorized to be used elsewhere.

All information, text, pictures, programs, charts, video files, audio files, animation files, layout designs, and intellectual property rights therein are protected by intellectual property laws, regulations, and rules, and are intended for browsing only. Without written consent from FAW-VW, no organization or individual shall reproduce or distribute such information for commercial use. Neither shall it be wholly or partly copied, modified, or otherwise published on any other website.

Unless otherwise specified, all trademarks, labels, logos, and other service marks appearing on our website are protected by the trade mark rights of FAW-VW, including all product brands, series, models, and designations.

III. Declarative statement

All information present on our website is only provided for information purpose to help you understand our products and services. FAW-VW makes no explicit or implicit warranty of any information or description given on our website. Unless otherwise stated explicitly, no information appearing on our website shall substitute the formal information you obtain from distributors or constitute any commitment. Although best efforts have been made on our part to keep such information true, accurate, and current, it may contain incorrect or inaccurate parts. Moreover, the product and service information on our web pages are subject to changes at times, and due to technical limitations, the physical products may differ to a certain extent from those showcased on our website in terms of color, specification, dimensions, and technical performance. For details of products, please refer to the information provided by distributors. It should also be noted that in some countries, certain products or services shown on the website may be not available for sales or supply. In this case, please consult a local distributor if you are interested.

To facilitate your use, we may include links to third party websites in our product and service information. None of these links shall be deemed a recommendation made by us on any product or information on these websites. All risks arising from use of such links shall be borne by the user. We assume no liabilities for any contents from or links pointing to other websites.

IV. Updates and feedback of issues

We reserve the right to revise or update the privacy provisions and other statements herein. In case of any major revision, we will publish an up-to-date declaration on our website in a timely manner, or keep you informed in a more active way. Since we always distribute latest revisions to our distributors, you may well consult them for information. Unless otherwise stated, the most current provisions shall apply. In case of any doubt, please consult a distributor or seek advice with the contact information provided on our website.

V. Applicable laws and dispute settlement

The provisions in this declaration shall be executed and construed and all disputes arising therefrom shall be settled according to laws of the People’s Republic of China. Any dispute shall be first handled by both parties involved through friendly negotiation. If such negotiation fails, either party may file a lawsuit at a local people’s court where it resides.

VI. Consultation and contact information

In case of any need or doubt, please dial our 24-hour customer hotline 400-8171-666 or (0431) 81500666, and we will communicate with you immediately. You may also send an email to We will reply to your message promptly.

Please read the above provisions carefully. If you continue to provide your personal information or browse and use our products or services after reading these provisions, you will be deemed to have fully understood and accepted all provisions and contents in this declaration, agree to authorize our collection and use of your personal information in the previously mentioned scope, and agree to be bound by the provisions herein.