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Special launch package provided for the test drive Audi e-tron.

By July 15th from now on, The following three ways are for your subscribe:
Searching for Official flagship store of Audi in TIANMALL,
Logging in Audi on demond+ app
Logging in Audi 4S online
Purchasing ¥299 deep test drive online for one-day
Feasting the original price of ¥2,199 service for one day leasing service
The travel experience brought by Audi flagship electric vehicle costs¥692,800 at least are also available for you

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    New Audi family design language
    Full inheritance and complete recreation at the same time

    The design language of the new Audi family clearly heralds a new chapter of Audi.
    Another new feature of Audi e-tron is the combination of matrix LED headlights and the semi-closed inlet grille, together making the model highly recognizable. 
    The tail design of Audi e-tron is the run-through taillights which extend outwards to create a strong sense of ceremony, and together they create a very distinctive visual effect.

Audi Official Whole-family Rental Platform

Audi Travel: A collection of all new Audi models in the family is offered. All models are available for rental on demand, included A3 to R8.
For all new models in the family, fee delivery and pick-up services on call are provided.
The services cover airports in Beijing and Shanghai, and all car insurances involved are free of charge.


Scan the code to enjoy fresh new travels

"Audi on demand +" is designed as a product of high quality, much convenience, and amazing simplicity. To start a pleasant trip with "Audi on demand +", you can scan the QR code below or search for "Audi Travel” in the app store to download the APP and complete registration and authentication by following the prompts. During any use, an Audi certified travel butler will keep you company to ensure carefree driving.