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Audi S3 Limousine

TFSI 213 kW S tronic S tronic
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Audi S3 Limousine Straightforward and rational

The 'S' lineage makes the whole body of Audi S3 Limousine exude a distinctive temperament. A flamboyant rear skirt design not only makes the rear part of the car look more spacious but also echoes with the double-sided double-outlet oval exhaust tailpipe. Under the powerful appearance hides a stronger power system. And the combination of a 213kW power, quattro four-wheel drive, Audi progressive steering system and electromagnetic ride control makes the sports car easily break the speed limit.

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  • The S elements of imported S3 Limousine are everywhere: S sports seats with the fine nappa leather which is a standard configuration for this series of models, brushed aluminum trims, as well as the stainless steel pedal handle having the surface brushing processing. These elements make the cockpit look as sporty as the science fiction. The sense of sophistication and the sense of sportiness are never combined so harmoniously.

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  • The system can automatically search for vertical and horizontal slots through the sensors and calculate the ideal parking route. It can automatically control the steering operation, and the driver only needs to control the accelerator and the brake pedal and monitor the entire parking process. Peripheral obstructions are displayed on the multi-function display in simulated image mode to alert the driver. In the MMI advanced navigation system with a touch wheel, the screen can display the route in the simulated marking mode. The new-generation intelligent parking system can identify narrower parking spaces and slots at corners. It can be used with the reversing images to drive out of the slot.

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  • The striking “S” logo on the aluminum outer rearview mirror frame and the single-frame grille as well as the chrome-plated double-spoke grille together create a tough sense of sportiness. The shining threshold side trim and the erect front and rear skirts are integrated into one, together reflecting a steely sense of power. The flamboyant rear skirt design not only makes the rear part of the car look more spacious but also echoes with the double-sided double-outlet oval exhaust tailpipe, making you fall in love with the car at first glance.

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  • The new-generation of MMI system has a minimalist button design, making the operation more intuitive and convenient. Two joystick switches control the four functional shortcut menus, and around the central knob are set buttons, so that you can quickly enter the corresponding functional UI. A 7-inch color display with the electrically folding function can clearly display the corresponding information in a completely new way. The minimalist button design makes the operation more intuitive and convenient; multi-point touch upgrades the operating experience; the touch wheel integrated on the central control knob can make the input easy. Users can easily operate their smartphones through the Audi MMI system, so that everything is in control.

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2.0 TFSI quattro sport S tronic
  • Matrix LED headlights
  • S sports seats at front
  • Front seats with height adjustment and retractable thigh support
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  • 2.0 TFSI quattro sport S tronic