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Audi A4 Avant

Audi A4 Avant

Audi A4 Avant
Endless exploration with an enterprising mind

The ground-breaking design of Audi A4 Avant benefits from glamorous technologies. The surging power allows you to enjoy your travel unlimitedly in any place at any time.

Striking appearance - a glimpse suffices to create a strong impression

Once again, Audi A4 Avant stands out with an extraordinary exterior design. The new sculptured hexagon inlet grille appears as a stereoscopic structure, conveying an enterprising spirit together with the arc front compartment cover flanked by double rib lines. The unique combination of fashion and sportiness leads to an eye-catching profile.
Audi A4 Avant features a low and wide body, elegant and slender lines, sharp details, and a dynamic matrix LED headlight, all contributing to the outstanding appearance of this model.
Audi A4 Avant is designed as an all-rounder. With wagon elegance, sharp lines, and large interior space, it is truly a combination of esthetics and practical functions. You may ride an Audi A4 Avant to a dinner party or for a long trip.

Progressive: the lighting technology

Light a lamp and the world is for you to explore. The optional Matrix LED headlight for Audi A4 Avant combines a monocular camera with a radar system for collection of environment information. Oncoming and preceding vehicles are detected accurately, and the lights cast onto corresponding directions can be adjusted or turned off to prevent direct illumination on these vehicles. It is also possible to track other vehicles dynamically. All these can be done without compromising the ambient lighting effect.
Apart from the excellent matrix LED headlight, a dynamically controlled steering light system is also utilized. With the dynamic high frame rate light-up function, the luminance can be increased instantaneously, thus making an Audi A4 Avant highly recognizable and leading to improved safety due to its unique visual effect. Audi A4 Avant always illuminates your way. Additionally, the LED tail lights underline the progressive design.

A larger and noiseless space creates a source of inner peace

Audi A4 Avant boasts larger spacious headroom that translates into more comfortable riding experiences. The sound insulation system eliminates all external noises and makes you completely undisturbed as if in a library. You may enjoy real inner peace throughout your journey.

Creating new fun for you in your preferred way

Audi virtual cockpit has incorporated more intelligent technologies. Together with the 12.3’’ HD display, they bring more diverse vehicle information to you. The fun of driving can be felt from every detail of the design. The B&O 3D surrounding sound system creates captivating sound. In addition, with the Audi connect system, you may access Internet by a simple click, and get weather, flight, and traffic information whenever you want.

First-class driving comfort

Sporty on the one hand, comfortable on the other. The five-link independent suspension and electric variable steering ratio function form the basis for dynamic handling and first-class driving comfort.
As far as dynamic chassis control is concerned, the different driving mode options and the MMI system enable adjustment of the chassis suspension damping to meet requirements on different occasions. In addition, with the variable steering ratio system, the steering ratio can be tuned flexibly depending on driving mode and habit. Even during high-speed driving, the driver can maintain firm and steady control of the steering wheel.
The 40TFSI engine on board Audi A4 Avant is more powerful than its predecessor. Thanks to the new lightweight suspension and the new generation of 2.0 Start/Stop system, the car is more controllable and powerful at lower fuel consumption. Anytime you start your engine, a journey of freedom begins.

Ensuring safety and making you rest assured

Audi A4 Avant has been equipped with a number of safety assistance systems. For example, adaptive cruise control with stop & go functionality including traffic jam assist creates safer and more efficient cruising experiences. In the meanwhile, Audi A4 Avant is equipped with an active Audi protection system. A monocular camera and a radar system are used to detect environment changes in real time. Accurate and efficient auxiliary braking or even emergent braking can be performed if necessary. The system is also capable of identifying pedestrians in front of the car, and reminds the driver or reacts with auxiliary braking, thus completely protect safety of the driver and pedestrians. The 360°panoramic imaging and parking aid system uses multiple interlinked sensors to create a clear view for you, allowing you to park and drive at ease.

Design is all about details

Explore into more beauties in the design of Audi A4 Avant

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