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All New Audi A4L
Growing Ever Stronger

The all new Audi A4L offers two variants characterized respectively by powerful sportiness and classical elegance, allowing you to choose between vigor and luxury of your own will.The LED headlight comes as standard for the model. Its sharp, blade-like profile makes your car permanently outstanding on the road;The 12V mild hybrid power system leads to smooth start/stop and much comfort on each trip;The latest generation of Audi MMI® shows how leading technologies of Audi light up your way forward.Life is at your fingertip to control, so is the future.

Deconstruct classical aesthetics and rebuild a dynamic appearance

The appearance of all new Audi A4L represents an aggressive evolution. The newly designed three shoulder lines form impressive geometries on the body.
The front inlet grille is broad and visually majestic. The blade-like LED headlight adds to expressiveness and vibrancy of this model.By choosing from sporty and elegant variants, you get access to great moments of speediness or peace.

Intelligent lighting technologies and visual attraction on the road

The HD matrix LED headlight features a blade-shaped contour that creates a majestic atmosphere around the body.Divided into separate units, the LED high beams help eliminate light cast onto oncoming vehicles while preserving light in other areas, thus adding further to driving safety.Moreover, with the lamps turned on dynamically in sequence, your car immediately becomes the focus of attention.

A clear view of the future and an exquisite life within reach

All new Audi A4L creates unique leisure for you in your own space.
The combination of composite leather fabric and inner decoration strips made of carbon fiber brings to you luxury and high-tech feelings at the same time.
The bright and spacious structure gives you full freedom both physically and mentally.By switching between colorful decoration lights in the car, you will create and enjoy an atmosphere most suited to your mood.

A digital life backed by state-of-the-art technologies

With an enhanced version of Audi virtual cockpit on board, the all new Audi A4L allows you to view information such as telephone numbers and navigation maps in 3D format on the 12.3’’ screen, and enables free switching between three display modes – classic, sporty, and dynamic.Wherever you sit in the car, the B&O sound system on board will put you in immersive and marvelous experiences of captivating music.

Get access to future technologies and enjoy the benefits of an interconnected world

All Audi A4L cars are equipped with the newest generation of Audi MMI® with touch controlled voice feedback, which contributes to both operation convenience and reliability:Once the Android system is installed, the system can be entered by simply pressing a key, after which a rich variety of information will be available for inquiry, including weather conditions, flights, and restaurant booking information.The Audi connect technology works in conjunction with voice interaction function to respond to your needs at any time. Get access to future technologies and enjoy the benefits of an interconnected world.

Surging power and pleasant driving

With surging power, the all new Audi A4L takes you to any destination you crave. The standard 12V mild hybrid system ensures smooth start/stop of your car, contributing greatly to driving comfort. Lower fuel consumption is another benefit. Wherever you go, you will always feel at ease.

Dependable safety protection and most enjoyable drives

The holistic anti-collision system is able to monitor areas in front of and behind your car. In hazardous situations, the system will start automatically to protect your safety. With this system in place, driving is always easier and more relaxing.

Audi connect technology

For the first time, the new generation MMI® system of new Audi A4L is equipped with an Android system that enables seamless integration of a number of common APPs and services of intelligent mobile phones.With Audi connect technology, it is possible to log into the system with a single click and get access to a wide range of functions including viewing weather and flight information and making for a restaurant reservation. You needs can be met at any time.

Impressive numbers




Maximum torque



Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h


Design is all about details

Explore into more beauties in the design of All New Audi A4L

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  • 全新奥迪A4L,做更强大的自己。

  • 作为承袭新一代奥迪科技的当家花旦,全新奥迪A4L采用了新一代MMI®系统。

  • 全新奥迪A4L的内饰升级是立竿见影的,也是触手可及的。

  • 在前脸的设计中,革新设计的六边形进气格栅尺寸进一步增加。

  • 全新设计的灯光系统不但为全新奥迪A4L带来了新的视觉效果,更加智能的灯光科技也为提升行车安全性贡献力量。

  • 全新奥迪A4L全系采用2.0L涡轮增压发动机与纵置7速S tronic®双离合变速箱,并全系标配12V微混系统。

  • 根据车型的不同需求,分别提供不同的动力水平与性能取向。

  • 在全新奥迪A4L的车身侧面,彰显奥迪品牌精湛车身冲压工艺的多折角腰线全新升级为三段式腰线,在车门之中采用了分段设计,更加凸显了科技时代下的车身设计水平与工业制造能力。

  • 全新奥迪A4L作为承袭奥迪全新家族设计的重要车型,耀目的全新灯光科技必不可少。

  • 全新奥迪A4L,做更强大的自己。

  • 音响装备 肆放更浑厚的音乐盛宴。

  • 曾经是奥迪运动车型专属的碳纤维内饰这一次在全新奥迪A4L上也可供选择。

  • 全新奥迪A4L标配新一代奥迪虚拟座舱系统。在这块12.3英寸的全液晶仪表盘背后,是一整套独立的操作系统,它拥有独立的处理器与显卡系统。

  • 全新的材质与色彩搭配,进一步提升了年轻的气质。

  • 多种多样的定制化选择可以轻松满足你对色彩与触感的挑剔需求。