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Audi A6 allroad quattro

Audi A6 allroad quattro A Unique Car

The Audi A6 allroad quattro has a unique taste, and fully integrates the off-road mobility of an SUV and the comfort of the luxury vehicle car. While it presents a soft yet powerful curve. Whether in the suburb or in the urban area, you can drive it under whatever road conditions. Every interior detail of Audi A6 allroad quattro is Matrix LED headlights have as a result of our hard work and dedication

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  • The same intensity and natural light color of equivalent LED headlights as well as other differentiated function, which are, improving the sight condition without affecting the oncoming vehicles, which make it safer and more comfortable for night driving. In addition, the eye-catching daytime and night lighting modes helps achieve the best lighting effect.

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  • Audi A6 allroad quattro innovatively combines the elegance of wagons and the masculinity of SUV, presenting us soft yet powerful body lines. The front and rear ends of the new vehicle are installed with chrome-plated metal bumpers. And wheel trims are widened. All of these, combined with other configurations like 19-inch wheel hubs and roof luggage rack, strengthen the characteristics of the Audi A6 allroad quattro.

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  • The quattro® permanent all-drive system gives the Audi A6 allroad quattro users a passionate and sporty experience. If you choose to install the improved sport differential, its performance will be even more outstanding. The sport differential can dynamically distribute power between the two wheels on the rear axle. Its excellent performance is particularly evident in the acceleration process at curves. Under other road conditions, the Audi A6 allroad quattro also has outstanding performance. In addition, the fine adjustment function of the sport differential can further improve the distribution of the driving force between the two rear wheels , thus elevating to a brand new level the vitality, agility and direction stability brought by quattro®.

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  • The new-generation MMI® navigation system of the Audi A6 allroad quattro offers you simpler and quicker operation. In order to prevent the driver's line of sight from leaving the road too long the new MMI® navigation system are compactly and clearly laid out. 8-inch color display and 5/7-inch driver information system present the driving information in a more direct way .Users can update the navigation system data through the SD card. The system is also equipped with a 20 GB music data memory.

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Specification Table

3.0 TFSI
  • Front sports seats
  • Matrix LED headlights
  • Aluminium look for exterior
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  • 3.0 TFSI