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Audi A6 allroad quattro MY21

All New Audi A6 allroad quattro MY21
Broadening the Horizon of Life

Audi A6 allroad quattro 2021 tells an impressive story about balance. With sharp lines and contour, this wagon features a perfect combination of elegance and boldness.
The quattro all-wheel drive system backed by Ultra technology, working in conjunction with an adaptive air suspension, brings diverse driving modes to you. Whatever your destination, Audi A6 allroad Explorer 2021 will be a trustworthy companion of yours and create much driving fun for you.

Striking appearance and a constant attraction on the road

The dynamic and vibrant lines create a highly expressive profile. The matrix LED headlights, like bright eyes shining with the wisdom of technologies, show you great journeys ahead. Through the panoramic roof, there are always beautiful landscapes out there to enjoy. In addition, parts like guard board for protection against stones help you deal with various road conditions and explore every journey with ease

Exploration of more possibilities with surging power

The strong 6-cylinder 55TFSI engine and the standard 48V mild hybrid system provide a constant source of surging power, and meanwhile lead to lower fuel consumption and higher driving cost-effectiveness. The quattro all-wheel drive system backed by Ultra technology generates high grip force and ensures smooth movement of the car even in rainy or snowy weather. Complete with an adaptive air suspension system, it turns bumpy roads into enjoyable trips and helps you breeze through any episode of exploration at any time.


Mighty power system

Audi A6 allroad Explorer 2021 comes with the latest generation of 3.0L V6 turbocharged engine as standard, with an power output as high as 340hp. The V-shape six-cylinder engine creates amazing smoothness and operation ease. Worries about fuel consumption are completely eliminated as the 48V mild hybrid system provides more energy, allowing the car to slide or start/stop for a longer time in order to improve fuel efficiency.


Audi quattro system

The quattro® system backed by Ultra technology is offered as a standard part on Audi A6 allroad Explorer 2021. Sensors are distributed across this model. Coordinated by a central processor, they report current driving conditions at a data rate of several hundred times per second. The power distribution of different wheels can thus be adjusted rapidly. Whether in rainy or snowy days or on gravel road, the quattro® all-wheel drive system is able to generate powerful grip force, and transmit driving power to wheels with favorable gripping effect as much as possible. In this way, it maintains a stable body and extricates your car from difficult situations.


Allroad cross-country mode

Audi A6 allroad Explorer 2021 makes available a mighty allroad cross-country operation mode, in which more efficient electronic inter-wheel skid control is used to enable tougher off-road travels. Even if a wheel is off the ground, the power will not be lost, and, more amazingly, everything will go smoothly as though nothing unusual has happened. Exploration of more possibilities starts from Audi A6 allroad Explorer 2021.

Indescribably wonderful sensations

In order to bring out the best of the unique all-road design, brand new material mixes and color schemes are adopted for the interior. The sporty seats, exquisitely and ergonomically shaped, are reassuringly safe and steady, endowing you with great feelings of leisure when you travel on highway, and peace of mind when you traverse a forest. The central console is also an exhibition of newly designed materials. The fine assembly processes of Audi can be felt vividly from the high-tech alloy panel, as well as from the solid panel and the leather kit that exude a flavor of the nature. Truly, a beauty beyond words.

Interior decoration strip design

When it comes to interior decoration strip designs, Audi A6 allroad Explorer 2021 offers a long list of optional materials and colors for your choice, including walnut strip with natural texture, beige wooden strip with fine granules, aluminum alloy strip, and agate grey birch strip with fine natural lines.

Driving aid system

The adaptive cruising control (ACC) system enables automatic car distance control with the aid of sensors. The 360°panoramic cameras cover every corner of your car and give you a full view for easy parking. The night vision system helps you drive confidently by avoiding dangers even in the dark. Moreover, the optional urban driving aid package contains a holistic anti-collision system, a side operation assistance system, and an intersection assistance system that fully protect your safety throughout your journey.


Intriguing technical innovations

The 12.3’’ HD screen in the Audi virtual cockpit provides you with a rich variety of information on your car, so that you can control everything in it. The intelligent mobile phone interface and the newest generation of infortainment system, a standard part of this model, bring smarter and smoother human-vehicle interaction experiences to you, and make your trips more intelligent. The Audi mobile phone box with wireless charging function allows flexible voice control via wireless connections. By simply placing your mobile phone into the box, you can start safe and convenient communication immediately.


Design is all about details

Explore into more beauties in the design of All New Audi A6 allroad quattro

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